10 Crypto Projects With the Highest Activity on GitHub

GitHub is a high tech software allowing developers, coding experts, and developer teams to interact in managing codes. This platform has wide usage from coding experts to learners worldwide, and its use in the crypto industry has been on a constant rise. For instance, all new and expanding crypto projects use this platform to connect different ideas and codes to better function. Other people give great reviews of the platform, especially praising it for its system functionality, ease of use, and low pricing, among others.

Other financial and technological experts use GitHub to rank crypto project performance depending on its monthly activities. So, what are the best-performing assets in the Github platform? 

  • Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network designed to provide price and other data collected from blockchain and real-world sources. For instance, using its oracle, chainlink translates real-world data to smart contracts and vice versa. Because of its smart contract use, the platform gained customer confidence and trust levels. It has its token dubbed LINK used for payment of services within the network. According to Cryptomiso, Chainlink is the most active crypto project in the past three months, hitting 656 commits from 59 contributors. 

  • Lisk (LSK)

Lisk is a cryptocurrency designed as a Dapps platform to transfer skills for building Dapp quickly. It gives users a chance to write Javascript language for proper web development. Developers can build applications on a sidechain linked to the Lisk platform. This platform is powered by the LSK token, which has serious strengths and scalability. Cryptomiso ranks Lisk at position 3, with 368 commits in just the past three months. 


Private Instant Verified Transaction (PIVX) is a cryptocurrency designed to become the most advanced cryptocurrency. The idea in PIVX was to introduce a crypto-asset with the best privacy leveraging zero-knowledge mechanisms. Moreover, the currency implanted top transaction speeds taking a hundredth of a second. It was developed by former Dash developers who wanted to produce an asset with better technology than Dash, including its anonymity. PIVX had 365 commits and 100 plus contributors in 3 months and ranked fourth in most active crypto projects. 

  • Parallel Coin (DUO)

Parallelcoin is a cryptocurrency leveraging a multi-algorithm PoW mechanism in service delivery. This platform takes position 7 in GitHub activity ratings, with around 300 commits in the past three months. However, this coin has seen many problems plunging in daily trade volumes and average assets price.

  • Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is a decentralized project designed in 2008 and launched in 2009 as the first-ever digital currency. This platform aims to ensure the decentralization of financial services into peer to peer, thus reducing transaction intermediaries’ costs. By far, it’s the most extensive cryptocurrency globally, having a market capitalization of roughly 350 billion US dollars. This network has the most daily transactions but currently maintains a number 7 on GitHub in development activities. 

  • Bancor (BNT)

Bancor Network is a platform set to provide easy automated cryptocurrency token conversion to other tokens. This network allows users to move tokens across blockchains without using order books or third parties to break the exchange. Bancor has a token called the Bancor Network Token that enables the token’s conversion. Its position at number 8 in the GitHub activity ranking by Cryptomiso with 255 commits and 17 contributors in just three months.

  • Storj (STORJ)

Storj platform is a network offering cloud storage, competing with google and amazon in service delivery. This platform allows any computer with its software to rent unused hard drive space to others who need it. Storj has a cryptocurrency called STORJ that provides an easy payment option for its platform users. Storj currently positions at number 9 in GitHub performing cryptocurrencies with 204 commits from 62 contributors. 

  • Mysterium (MYST)

Mysterium is the world’s largest P2P network that powers web 3.0 privacy applications. It owns a cryptocurrency, MYST, the currency powering the function of its blockchain application. Cryptomiso ranks Mysterium at number 10 in the GitHub activity rating with 173 commits and 21 contributors in three months.

  • FunFair (FUN)

Funfair is a decentralized gaming platform aiming to be free from the problems surrounding blockchain casinos. It aims to ease the process of licensing gaming platforms to casino operators and gambling organizations. 

The Fun token is the main currency powering this ecosystem and assisting in the exchange of services. Funfair ranks high in Cryptomiso, having around 158 commits in the past three months. 

  • Aelf (ELF)

Aelf is a platform designed to provide the crypto world with an operating system for blockchain. In even simpler terms, the platform is intended to be a central cloud-based hub for blockchains

Over the past few months, Aelf has garnered over 102 commits and 37 contributors, according to the Cryptomiso tool. A search of this platform in the GitHub platform shows that Aelf has had over 20 thousand commits and fits well in this list.


A look into the GitHub platform sends us into the top-performing assets that propel development. The crypto projects named earlier are not necessarily performing in terms of finances, except for a few like Bitcoin. However, these assets have, in the past days, proven to have more developments in areas like service provision.

Bitcoin live price
price change

To fit into the best performing list worldwide, those crypto-assets should show better financial options and performance. Developers all over the world should try the GitHub tool. Various stakeholders can use the network to increase their expertise in the world of software development. 

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