update 15 October 2021

10 Ways to start your Crypto Adventure and Earn with Crypto

The urge to get a hold of digital money is exponentially growing as the value of currencies as bitcoin closes in the $57,000 mark. The concept of global mass adoption will soon occur following the fruitful rewards and incomes investors receive from trading with cryptocurrencies.

However, like any other venture, you have to be well prepared for any issues you might encounter ahead. Despite being a profitable niche, the crypto space experiences its share of hurdles evolving around financial and cyber-related crimes.

No investor would love their money and hard work to go to the drain even with all the uncertainties in the digital currency world. Therefore, with the right earning mechanisms, it gets easier to lower the investing risk or avoid any risk at all costs.

Crypto Earning Strategies

Like any other investment opportunity, earning through digital currencies can go a long way in filling up your bank account. Inexperienced users may find it challenging to navigate their way into making a passive income. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean one can’t learn some unique yet straightforward tactics to secure adequate profits. 

Some of the crypto earning methods include:

Starting Crypto Mining

Essentially, most ecosystems leverage the blockchain network, which displays every transactional data. Once a transaction is initiated between the anonymous users, miners come in to validate the transaction.

For the blocks of transactions to be completed, miners need to solve complex mathematical algorithms. In return, the first individual to solve the mathematical equation receives rewards in digital currencies.

This process of validating transactions by solving mathematical equations is known as the Proof of Work mechanism. PoW mechanisms have their downside since one needs to possess a significant amount of computational power and electricity. 


Unlike mining, staking involves validating transactions with the Proof of Stake mechanism depending on the number of digital coins a user holds. Hence, stakers earn rewards by verifying the authenticity of a transaction.

Provided the wallet holding the coins is connected to a blockchain network, earning via staking is attainable. Examples of the PoS-based platforms include DASH, Tezos, Neo, PIVX, and many more.

Starting Crypto Trading

Digital currency trading is undeniably the most popular earning tactic in the crypto space. The catch used here entails buying cryptocurrencies at a lower price and selling it at a higher price.

Starting Crypto trading can be a bit hectic, particularly for traders without the appropriate analytical skills. Luckily, it is a technological era whereby trading bots can execute trades on behalf of an investor according to how he/she programs it. A few examples of these smart bots include Cryptohopper, 3Commas, and Shrimpy.


Holding, commonly known as hodling, is one of the most straightforward earning approaches as it only involves buying and holding cryptocurrencies. The HODL acronym originated from a bitcoin discussion in 2013.

This method is usually uncomplicated as users hold their cryptocurrencies and sell them only when the prices surge. A little patience can also go a long way because holding for more extended periods can earn you profits beyond the asset’s initial buying price.

Endorsing Crypto Companies

Airdrops usually are strategies that crypto companies use to attract more users to trade with their newly founded digital currency. To attain this goal, users are given free virtual currencies for performing promotional tasks such as making a video review or liking the currency’s social media page.

In the end, the crypto company builds its asset’s awareness in the market while at the same time rewarding its loyal users. For anyone looking forward to such an event, 99Airdrops and Airdrop Alert are the ideal sites to view any airdrop occasion.

Embrace Crypto Payments

Under this approach, merchants or e-commerce sites can accept buyers to pay using cryptocurrencies. That way, the business owners can accumulate a variety of digital coins and decide to either hold or sell them at a profit.

Shopify and WooCommerce are perfect examples of platforms that accept crypto payments.

Digital Currency Blogging

Writers and crypto-savvy individuals have a better chance of earning an income for writing articles concerning cryptocurrencies. Numerous crypto blogs and sites seek to educate individuals on the world of cryptocurrencies by paying authors who write articles on their behalf.

Moreover, the site remunerates its writers depending on their chosen method, either through fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Running a Masternode

Masternodes are computers that store and maintain an updated record of all transactions in a blockchain. Users here can receive payments from the crypto company for acting as their node operator. 

The nodes also safeguard the distributed ledger from any network attack. Hosting a node in most cryptocurrencies requires you to have a specific amount of coins in your wallet.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing majors on displaying crypto ads or any crypto-related content. Investors or social media influencers going with this method receive commissions for actively advertising any crypto-related business.

Coinzilla poses as one of the leading crypto advertising networks accompanied by a vast number of publishers. Once you get onboard Coinzilla as a publisher, you secure daily payments for ads running through your site. The platform offers zero withdrawal charges, and publishers can access their money through ethereum, bitcoin, or bank transfers. 

Crypto Lending

Crypto holders can participate in lending services by offering their cryptocurrencies to a borrower. In return, the borrower returns the cryptocurrency with an additional interest after an agreed time frame.

The interest may be in the form of crypto or fiat currencies going by the platform’s functionalities. Nexo, for example, provides loans on both institutional and individual levels. The platform has managed to process loans worth $5 billion within two years.


Even with the right investment strategies in place, investors are still prone to financial losses, mainly due to cryptocurrencies’ volatility rates. The task lies with the user to determine the most suitable approach. 

price change

On the bright side, cryptocurrencies are the best investment options you could select from, provided you employ the right facts to guide you. As long as you have the will and patience to earn by starting crypto, it becomes easier to lessen any risks.

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