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13-Year-Old Girl Amasses Nearly $7 Million From Selling NFTs

13-year-old digital artist, Nyla Hayes is fast building a multimillion-dollar empire by selling her artworks as NFTs. Her illustrations depict both everyday women and famous women as having long necks. Nyla has featured prominent women in her pieces like former US First Lady, Michelle Obama and former Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Her works are on the NFT marketplace Opensea and have recorded sales of thousands of dollars. In March, her “Long Neckie Lady” sold for about $6,600. A month earlier, she had sold a piece for about $4000.

Dinosaurs: Nyla’s Muse and Portal To Wealth

A Brief History

As a child, Nyla had her favorite reptile, the Brontosaurus—a long-necked dinosaur. She found brontosauruses enchanting and powerful. And because of their long necks, she nicknamed them “long neckies.” When she was 9 years old, her parents got her a smartphone. Using her new device, Nyla developed her talent for drawing and fashioned her art according to the Brontosaurus.

I just wanted to put two things that I loved together, and that was the brontosaurus and women. I wanted to kind of show how beautiful and strong women were,” Nyla told NBC News at an interview

Long Neckie Lady #2881 by Nyla Hayes

Since then, she has made over 3,000 “Long Neckie Ladies” drawings, some of which she has sold with the assistance of her mother after her uncle introduced her to NFTs. The “Long Neckie Ladies” NFT collection comprises 3,333 hand-drawn, computer-generated variations of long-necked women.

I love drawing women from all around the world because I really like different cultures and different backgrounds,” she said.

The “Long Neckie Ladies” collection is currently worth about $3.4 million. 

Nyla’s Wealth and Achievements

So far, Nyla’s works have fetched her up to $7 million. The most expensive piece in her collection sold for 4 ETH (~$11,738) in August 2021. 

Long Neckie #39, 1/1 Long Neckie Collection by Nyla Hayes

Last fall, Nyla was named TIMEPieces First NFT Artist-in-Residence (TIMEPieces is TIME Magazine’s NFT community initiative featuring four collections: Genesis, Inspiration, Slices of TIME, and Nyla’s Long Neckie Women of the Year.) As Artist-in-Residence, Nyla has recreated cover portraits of TIME’s Women of the Year including Michelle Obama, Beyonce, and Toni Morrison. Likewise, the young artist featured on CNN, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Black Enterprise, AfroTech, and other popular platforms.

She’s NFT.NYC 2021 Emerging Artist of the Year, and Future 50’s Most Influential People in Tech in 2021.  

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According to NBC News, Nyla said she’s partnering with Zigazoo, a social media and NFT platform for kids, to help kids learn about NFTs.

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