1inch App Launches for Android Users

Popular DEX aggregator 1inch has now launched its mobile app for Android users. People with Android phones can now swap tokens and access other DeFi functions using the app.

The 1inch DEX aggregator accesses liquidity and services across a variety of centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. It launched its wallet for IOS last April, and now brings its app to Android a year later.

  • “1inch always aims to make its products available to new audiences,” said Sergej Kunz, co-founder of 1Inch network. “Now, numerous Android users across the globe will be able to take advantage of 1inch functionality on their mobile devices.”
  • The main functionality from the IOS version will be available on Android. This includes the ability to store, send, and trade crypto on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. It also allows trades on Optimistic Ethereum and Arbitrum. 
  • Across all of these networks, the new app will support hundreds of crypto tokens.
  • It also comes built with some user-friendliness features. One includes Ethereum Name Service (ENS) which lets users assign custom names to public addresses.
  • Previous users can connect wallets on their browser or IOS versions to their Android device app.
  • The app includes beginner-friendly and advanced features, such as canceling sent transactions and adjusting gas fees. It also features advanced transaction management for sending raw hex data and setting up a gas limit. 
  • 1inch launched P2P swaps between individual users earlier this month. This lets people enact custom, trustless trades for tokens not currently listed on exchanges.  
  • The DEX aggregator also debuted “Earn” the month prior, offering users APY on their stablecoin liquidity, 
1inch live price
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The 1inch wallet can be downloaded via its official website, and it will soon be available on Google Play Store. 

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