1inch Integrates Fiat/Crypto Payment Platform Wirex

The decentralized exchange aggregator 1inch has announced an integration with the fiat/crypto payment platform Wirex.

This integration will bring 1inch API to Wirex’s non-custodial wallet, providing it with direct token swap functionality.

  • According to a press release shared by 1inch, the integration will also use 1inch’s pathfinder to let Wirex users find the most favorable rates for their trades. 
  • “The Wirex integration is a natural step for 1inch, which always strives for universal application and mass adoption of its products and solutions,” said  1inch Network co-founder Sergey Kunz. “And Wirex is one of the crypto space’s leaders in terms of tech advancement and user base.”
  • Wirex CEO Pavel Matveev noted that the integration will give Wirex users easier access to the world of Defi. “Now users can
  • comfortably and profitably swap multiple tokens, saving substantial amounts of money and time,” he added.
  • Wirex’s non-custodial wallet launched in December and uses biometric access and multiparty computation technology to enhance its security. It currently works on Avalanche, Polygon, BNB Chain, and Fantom – blockchains which 1inch has integrated with already.
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In April, 1inch embedded fiat payment options into its platform through integration with Transak. 

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