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1inch Integrates With Travala to Allow Travel Bookings With 1INCH Token

The popular DEX aggregator 1inch has entered a partnership with to integrate 1INCH token into its platform. Holders will be able to book homes, hotels, airlines, and other activities using the governance token.

According to a blog post from 1INCH, the partnership is meant to boost 1INCH token’s adoption and expand awareness of the network. Like other governance tokens, it allows for users to vote on the protocol’s parameters in a relatively decentralized fashion.

  • It also expands its utility as an actual currency, joining over 50 other crypto payment options that Travala also accepts.

Mass adoption of 1inch products and solutions is always high on the agenda,” said 1inch Network co-founder Sergej Kunz in a statement. “The integration with is a major step in that direction, as it creates new utility for the 1INCH token and provides exposure to numerous potential users.

  • Besides 1INCH token, Travala also accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and’s native AVA token. The platform is backed by Binance – the world’s largest crypto exchange – for facilitating these payment options.
  • ”We’re very excited to partner with the 1inch Network to champion the growth of the crypto community and to bring a new use case to 1INCH,” added Juan Otero, CEO. Otero said that he is “impressed” with the business, and believes it will “make waves” in the crypto industry.
  • Last month,1inch integrated with Transak to allow for easy fiat onramps through the network’s native wallet.
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In March, the 1inch app launched on Android, following up on the IOS launch from a year prior.

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