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5 BAYC-Like NFT Projects to Watch Out for in 2022

Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs hit the market in April 2021 and instantly gained massive popularity. Moreover, it lit up the PFP NFT market, which is now emerging as one of the most exciting and profitable digital asset sectors of investment.

In this article, we look at the 5 BAYC-like NFT projects that hope of mimicking the same success. But first, we dive deeper into the world of PFP non-fungible tokens to discover what makes them so popular and desirable.

What Are PFP NFTs?

A PFP, or picture-for-profile, NFT (non-fungible tokens) refers to the trend of using NFTs as profile pictures on social media, like Twitter or Facebook. Many scour NFT marketplaces for unique or super-rare PFP NFTs, which are more than just a random profile picture or an NFT. Such an asset is, first and foremost, a statement.

A PFP NFT is an instantly recognizable component of a famous collection. Think of Bored Apes, and seeing them as avatars for celebrities like DJ Steve Aoki or Snoop Dogg reminds you of the BAYC series.

PFP NFTs are hand-drawn artworks of everything from apes to cats, humans, and aliens. However, it is not their artistic quality or celebrity support that makes them popular. Instead, they rely on the solid and feasible projects behind them.

These NFT projects have expert, usually well-doxxed teams with clear strategies and defined roadmaps. This way, buyers know what they’re getting into and can look forward to a potentially high ROI.

Some PFP NFTs have real-life and virtual functionalities. For example, they allow holders to do more than just use them as profile pictures. A few projects enable people to use their NFTs in P2E games, Metaverse, and DeFi applications. Others allow users to monetize their assets. This could be possible through NFT renting or producing real-world merchandise, including t-shirts, caps, mugs, artwork, etc.

Any PFP NFT can look stunning, but not all can reach widespread popularity and community support. Below are a few that have the best of both worlds. Here are five exciting PFP NFT projects you should add to your watchlist in 2022.

1. Yeti Secret Societ

The Yeti Secret Society is an NFT collection that goes far beyond the world of digital profile pictures. This project benefits from a professional team with a fresh outlook on NFT development. Furthermore, it attracts new holders with mega yachts, private islands, unforgettable parties, and other benefits. All in all, it is “the only NFT that gives you access to an actual Yacht Club.”

Yeti Secret Society is a heavily community-oriented NFT project. The series consists of 10,000 Yetis NFTs running on the Ethereum blockchain. These quirky artworks depict the mythical ape-like creature believed to roam the Himalayas.

Once they buy a YYC NFT, the holders become members of an exclusive club with unique and irresistible perks. For example, they gain access to “The Club,” a real yacht hosting parties and elite networking events while roaming the Mediterranean.

These are just a few of the real-world advantages that come from owning Yeti NFTs. However, YYC aims to provide its members with an equally first-class experience in the virtual world. The project has teamed up with Sapphire Studios, one of the gaming industry’s most prominent companies, to develop a massively multiplayer online (MMO) mobile game and Metaverse.

The Yeti Secret Society has three membership tiers providing numerous member benefits. Those holding more than 10 Yeti NFTs obtain Platinum VIP Membership and become part of the club’s top tier. Here, they have 100% odds of receiving airdrops for Yeti Yacht events. Also, they can access the project’s Yeti Elder Circle and all future tier-3 events.

2. Meebits

Meebits is another promising NFT collection for 2022, consisting of 20,000 pixel art-based characters. The series is a combination of another successful NFT project, CryptoPunks, and the popular video game Minecraft. That’s how the team obtained 3D renditions of the famous punks looking like they just stepped out of the Minecraft universe.

The project has one of the industry’s most reliable and reputable teams, Larva Labs. You may know the company as the driving force behind CryptoPunks ever since the project’s release in 2017. Now, the expert developers are exploring the NFT world more in-depth with the Meebits series of PFP NFTs.

The Meebits are ERC-721 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain platform and are available to buy in NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. Their smart contract includes a custom marketplace supporting similar trading of up to 100 Meebits per transaction. These include all the standard buy, bid, and ask transactions.

Larva Labs launched Meebits in May 2021, and in less than 8 hours, they sold 9,000 NFTs for a total of 22,500 ETH. The team followed up on the successful release by accommodating demand with more such non-fungible tokens. These strategies helped the collection increase in popularity and build a solid community of holders.

Meebit owners can access an additional asset pack, including the NFT’s full 3D model. Holders can use it to render and animate their Meebits or use it as an avatar in the Metaverse, games, or virtual reality.

3. Doodles

Doodles NFT is a vibrant collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs holders who can use as online avatars and profile pictures. These non-fungible tokens are pastel-like pictures of anything from humans to cats, dinosaurs, aliens, apes, and more. Moreover, each Doodle NFT contains an illustrated spaceship, unique accessory combinations, costumes, and other rare items.

Unlike other NFT projects, Doodles NFT is highly community-centered, rewarding its members with numerous perks and benefits. One advantage of being Doodle holders is that you get voting rights and have a say on the project’s products and events.

Doodles aim to expand and provide NFT holders with increasingly better experiences. For example, one of its plans is to turn into an entertainment hub. In this case, community members can use their Doodle avatars in Web3 and Metaverse applications.

Furthermore, as the Doodles universe expands, collectors can expect to obtain exclusive access to community-only initiatives. For instance, they could enjoy airdrops and merchandise or attend real-world and virtual events.

The project’s treasury, the Doodlebank, has already reserved over $5 million to fund these upcoming features and products. Only the project founders and Doodle holders can decide how the community will spend these funds.

4. Cool Cats NFT

Cool Cats NFT is a collection of randomly-generated 9,999 PFP NFTs drawing their inspiration from CryptoPunks and BAYC. These cat NFTs “live” on the Ethereum blockchain and can have numerous traits resulting in more than 300,000 potentially unique combinations of feline-faced digital assets. For example, holders can customize the cats’ faces, hats, clothes, and bodies and adorn them with accessories.

Behind the Cool Cats NFTs is a professional team of blockchain and digital art experts working under the leadership of Colin Egan. The collection enables buyers to create and customize super rare Cat PFP NFTs they can use as avatars for their social media handles.

These cat NFTs fall into four rarity categories, Cool, Wild, Classy, and Exotic. While they are excellent ways of customizing your profile picture, the Cool Cats may one day become playable characters in a Metaverse game, Cooltopia. The team plans to expand the collection and reward holders with multiple uses for their NFTs.

The project features its own token, $MILK, which users can earn by participating in epic quests and battles. Alternatively, they can use the tokens to purchase supplies and accessories for their pets and even build them houses. Future upgrades should bring additional purposes. Eventually, Cooltopia should take on a P2E battle-focused model with rewarding opportunities.

5. SupDucks

SupDucks is an NFT collection that launched in July 2021, aiming to provide buyers with multi-feature NFTs. The collection consists of 10,000 quirky duck NFTs hand-drawn by the famous artist Franky Nines. The designer has previously worked on notable projects, including Dapper Labs, Zynga, and NFT42.

The SupDucks series combines joyful animation with blockchain technology to create a unique NFT experience. Holders gain legendary status and become part of an exclusive community with special perks and amenities.

Recently, the project has introduced VX Ducks, allowing NFT holders to mint their SupDucks as 3D Metaverse characters. This way, they can diversify the use cases of their digital assets and get more from their purchases.

SupDucks stands out from the NFT crowd through its minting process. Every time a user sends a transaction, the protocol genetically constructs a new “egg” on the blockchain. This egg holds the future SupDucks with a unique combination of traits and accessories. The buyer only has to wait a couple of minutes before the egg hatches, and they can see their new SupDucks NFT.

While the Metaverse part of the project is still developing, SupDucks aims to expand in other directions. For instance, the team plans to release merchandise and real-world items with the famous duck NFTs. This way, holders can have tangible representations of their beloved digital assets.

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These are five BAYC-like NFTs you should watch out for in 2022. Unlike most NFT series, these are community-centered projects with unique perks and exclusive opportunities for their members. Feel free to join the club if you want NFTs with real-world rewards.

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