5 of the Best Crypto News Aggregators in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Industry

The blockchain and crypto industry tends to move at lightning speed sometimes, and there are numerous news articles dedicated to covering all the developments and related market information.

News aggregators bring you the latest content from all favorite news channels and blog articles in one location. They ensure quick delivery, and people do not have to miss out on any updates, guides, insights, and tips due to the overwhelming and lengthy process of tracking down the right information across thousands of sites.

Crypto aggregator platforms have risen in demand as more people get interested in the cryptoverse. While some are looking for updates and keeping up with space, others are looking to buy, sell, hold, or transact or trade with cryptocurrencies.

It is not enough anymore to search for news in the age of information because the magnitude of the feedback can be overwhelming and sometimes misleading. So if you are looking to discover the best crypto aggregators, here is a list of five top crypto aggregators and their best features designed to inform crypto enthusiasts and investors.

1. Crypto Control

Crypto Control is one of the most comprehensive aggregators in the market. It offers various services, including Crypto Terminal, Crypto Graph, Crypto Control Volume Dots, Latest news from over 200 sources, and a crypto community where people can post topics and interact in various ways.

One of the best features of crypto control is the Heat Map, which provides trending crypto news with categories such as general, blockchain, mining, ICO, Government, Analysis, and exchanges. The articles on Heat maps are color-coded so users can instantly identify the latest trending news, and they can also use coin names as news articles filters.

Crypto Terminal is a one-stop-shop for crypto investors, presenting data, news, and sophisticated tools for crypto trading and investing. The volume dots are a unique chart feature for viewing the volume inside a candlestick.

The Crypto Graph, a new feature that will let users visualize, interpret, and react to crypto transactions in real-time, including the Ethereum Blockchain.

Other services include collecting trending cryptocurrency posts on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit and two rewards systems, the CryptoControl Ambassadors Program and referral incentives.

More importantly, users can access all this information on the go, as the CryptoControl is available for both desktop and mobile platforms.

2. Trading View

This is a very popular crypto news aggregator that many may come across more often than not, especially when looking for cryptocurrency chart analysis. TradingView helps investors follow the market in real-time. It offers analysis for several other asset classes apart from cryptocurrencies, like fiat currencies, stocks, indices, futures, bonds, and CDFs.

Apart from looking at chart analysis, users can also post their ideas or analysis, view top traders on the platform, access real-time asset class streams, and trading strategies and indicators.

The trading view is very convenient for traders who want to keep up with all kinds of asset classes and find out what top brokers and investors are thinking and investing. Investors are well equipped to handle the market by using trend analysis, harmonic patterns, chart patterns, technical indicators, and wave analysis.

3. CryptoPanic

CryptoPanic is a site that aggregates news from various news websites and social media platforms, including Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube. The site has various filters that make it easy to find top news, latest news, blogs, news site, or media.

One unique feature of CryptoPanic is a Portfolio tracker, a free tool that lets users manually enter or import portfolio data from exchanges and use it to monitor their portfolios.

The other services offered by this platform are polls, resources, and portfolio. Using CryptoPanic polls, crypto enthusiasts can create, vote for and discuss community curated polls. 

These services aim at helping the user to realize the impact of changes in cryptocurrency prices.

It also offers users a catalog of cryptocurrency resources for educational purposes, including information about credit cards, exchanges, payment gateways, social trading, trading education, and trading bots.

4. CoinSpectator

This aggregates crypto news, blogs, media, and press releases. It is one of the oldest crypto aggregators, having been launched in 2013 as a blog and has grown over the years to become one of the platforms that offer real-time information to monitor the crypto industry.

CoinSpector sorts out stories according to trends and latest to oldest stories as far back as one week. If you are looking for popularity rankings, community voting, and ICO directory news, CoinSpector is a great platform to start.

5.   CryptoGoat

CryptoGoat is an all in one stop for blockchain and cryptocurrency news from major publishers in the industry. Many people recommend it for its streamlined but abundant article collection and its ability to filter out fake news. CryptoGoat gets its content from include BitcoinExchangeGuide, CoinTelegraph, and Coindesk.

Author’s Thoughts

The crypto market is unique. It often doesn’t get influenced by factors affecting traditional markets, as evidenced by its frequent and wild volatility in a generally stable stock market.

As a young market, there exists a lot of interest, speculation, and misleading information going around. Therefore, it is important to have a collective source of all important information and updates about the cryptoverse for investors and enthusiasts. 

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Crypto news aggregators have the power to transform interested people into crypto enthusiasts, traders, and investors, which would be a step closer to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

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