7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Trade Bitcoin in 2021

Bitcoin continues to capture headlines globally as a superior store of value. Ten years ago, major financial institutions wouldn’t have dreamed of converting their currency reserves over to Bitcoin. Nowadays, this decision is more common than ever. The rapid growth of Bitcoin can be attributed to various factors, including increased public awareness, improved technology, and easier access.

On the latter note, there are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges to buy Bitcoin from today. However, these exchanges are all individually owned and operate in their own manner, with their own fees, systems, and features. This plethora of selection is good for expert traders but can add to a new trader’s confusion entering the market. Luckily, some exchanges stand above the crowd. Here are the top 7 cryptocurrency exchanges to trade Bitcoin.


Binance launched in China in early 2017 and quickly rose to dominate the sector. The exchange relocated to Japan and finally Malta in a bid to secure a regulatory friendly climate. Since its inception, Binance has offered users a huge variety of altcoins in addition to Bitcoin.

The market is now the largest exchange in the world. You can always find large amounts of Bitcoin available for purchase on the exchange due to its massive liquidity. Additionally, Binance is now fully regulated as a global cryptocurrency platform. Users now enjoy all the flexibility of the original platform plus added consumer protections.

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Another great exchange to procure Bitcoin from is Coinbase. Much like Binance, Coinbase is a major player in the market. This exchange is the largest in North America. Its basic functionality and overall simplicity make it a great start for new traders entering the market. 

Coinbase provides users with a stable, secure, and efficient way to buy Bitcoin in the US. The network is secure and even provides insurance options to its investors. Coinbase continues to remain a critical onramp into the blockchain sector for new users and experienced traders alike.

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Uniswap is a different kind of exchange than Bitcoin and Coinbase. This DEX (decentralized exchange) provides users with the benefits of large centralized networks without security risk. Uniswap is non-custodial, meaning; the network never takes control of your digital assets directly. Instead, Uniswap simply links up buyers and sellers who then trade crypto in a peer-to-peer fashion.

Currently, Uniswap is the largest Ethereum Dapp in the world. It provides Bitcoin trading services but made its name offering ERC-20 tokens an open market. The introduction of DeFi into the sector has made Uniswap even more valuable. Users can now wrap their Bitcoin and take advantage of some of the most popular DeFi options, such as staking.

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Gemini is another US-based exchange that services both regular and large financial institutions. Since its launch, the network has always been popular because Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss founded it. These twins are best known for suing Mark Zuckerberg for stealing the Facebook concept from them. They also made headlines as the first Bitcoin billionaires.

Gemini provides crypto users with a fully regulated way to purchase Bitcoin. The network provides a nice selection of ways to load your account and buy Bitcoin. You can use credit, debit, or bank transfer. Best of all, your funds are securely stored in cold storage. All fiat funds you load on the exchange are also FDIC insured to 500,000 USD.

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If you are looking for an established exchange, then Kraken is a wise choice. The network has serviced the Bitcoin community for a decade since 2011. Over that time, Kraken was able to secure its spot as a dominant platform in the EU market. The network offers both US and EU investors easy access to the world’s first cryptocurrency. 

Kraken is a global exchange that accepts various fiat currencies, including USD, JPY, CAD, and GBP. The network utilizes a combination of high-level encryption and 2-factor authentication protocols to keep your satoshis safe. Kraken is recognized as one of the most successful exchanges of all time.

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Bitstamp is another titan in the market. Like Kraken, Bitstamp has had over a decade to showcase its value to the community. Since this time, Bitstamp has not slowed down its innovative approach in the sector. The network was the first to support multi-sig wallets. These wallets require multiple keys and are ideal for businesses.

Bitstamp has remained competitive due to its features and overall low fees. The network has branched out to offer a nice selection of coins but has never forgotten its core audience of Bitcoin investors. This desire to remain real to its original users is seen in the network’s perks. For example, crypto purchases under 20,000 USD only pay a 0.25% fee. This is significantly lower than other large platforms in operation today.

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Bityard makes a list because it offers a plethora of Bitcoin-related products on top of straight Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency exchange geared towards experienced traders. You gain access to advanced features such as the ability to trade with leverage. The network is also a leading cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform. 

Bitcoin derivatives are contracts regarding the value of the coin. They allow users to trade on the future price of Bitcoin without actually owning Bitcoin directly. While this may seem counterproductive, it’s vital for large financial institutions that are still a bit wary of entering a cryptocurrency market that lacks a solid regulatory framework.

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7 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Trade Bitcoin

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It’s no secret that Bitcoin is the investment of our lifetime. Stop watching others make their fortunes and start participating in this exciting financial revolution. All of these platforms bring features to the market that is sure to further your investment goals. Remember, always DYOR, and you are sure to see some record-breaking ROIs as Bitcoin continues to the moon.

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