7 Uprising DeFi Projects to track in 2021

The Defi sphere was launched in 2017 during the launch of DAI, and since then, it has garnered billions in TVL. Although just a few years old, this world has produced some of the best financial tools, thus proving to be one of the most substantial economic disruptions of our day. As it stands now, more platforms with more unique tools come out every other month.

Although Defi’s growth is tremendous, some platforms are yet to go mainstream but have excellent services. Let’s have a look at 7 uprising DeFi projects to track in 2021. 

  • Defi Yield Protocol (DYP)

Defi yield protocol is a decentralized finance network offering services like decentralized exchanges, yield farming, staking, and lockers. Launched in 2020, the platform’s developers have been working hard, thus introducing some of the best Defi features. 

The unique thing about DYP is the anti-manipulation feature helps assure investors of the security of their wealth. Since its launch, this platform has not suffered from manipulation credits due to the anti-manipulation feature. 

DYP is the native token of this network, helping secure the network and complete other tasks. Currently, DYP is trading at $2.74 and has a market cap of $10 million.

Soon, the platform will be introducing ETH mining pools to help investors make an even higher income while mining ETH. 

  • Request Network (REQ)

Request Network is an Ethereum based Defi platform offering decentralized payments at very high security. This platform’s advantage is its ability to remove third parties, ensuring that payments in and out of investors’ accounts are affordable and ultimately secure. 

The Request platform deploys a push-generated payment system, where the payee sends an invoice with details, and the payer detects and responds by paying using a one-click system.

This network employs a native utility token dubbed REQ. REQ has a current market cap of $124 million, and each token trades at $0.125. 

  • UniCrypt Network (UNCX)

Unicrypt Network is a crypto DeFi network that offers a vast array of services, including yield farming, liquidity lockers, and supporting crypto startups. As a yield farming network, Unicrypt provides investors with an opportunity to add liquidity to UniSwap’s pools and earn rewards at reasonable rates.

Moreover, for startups, Unicrypt has a decentralized launchpad that aids startups in completing presales. This launchpad eliminates many unnecessary procedures and hindrances set by centralized launchpads, making it easy for them to list their project. Unicrypt also integrates the locker option allowing projects to lock liquidity for some time. 

This platform also has a dual token system with the following tokens using UNCX deflationary tokens and UNCL yield farming tokens. 

  • Falcon Project (FNT)

Falcon project is a crypto platform merging services like swapping, yield farming, non-fungible tokens, etc. It leverages two interconnected blockchains systems, i.e., ERC-20 and ERC-1155. 

The ERC-20 based chain hosts a token dubbed FNT, which helps in DeFi-related services. Currently, FNT is trading at $0.0028 and has a market cap of $11 million.

The second chain supports NFT vouchers leveraging the ERC-1155 chain system. Combining two chains helps bolster the platform’s scalability, speed, convenience, privacy, and anonymity.

  • AnySwap (ANY)

Anyswap is a Defi platform allowing inter-platform swapping of tokens. Moreover, AnySwap is implanting a farming option to help increase users’ income-earning opportunities. 

This platform leverages Fusion DCRM technology to provide the best services to investors at any time. The platform uses a dual signature algorithm of ECOSA and EDDSA, thus allowing swaps between multiple blockchains, including BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, etc. 

AnySwap’s native token is ANY, which helps in providing multiple services in this ecosystem. Currently, 1 ANY trades at $2.56 and has a market capitalization of $53 million.

The platform is unique owing to the private key sharding feature that splits private keys, leaving each shard managed by a different node. Sharding helps bolster the investor’s account security. 

Recently Sushiswap and AnySwap integrated the cross-chain functionality corporation.

  • Dextools (DEXT)

DEXTools is a crypto Defi platform designed to provide information and tools to support decentralized exchange (UniSwap) platforms. All the tools are merged into one user interface, making it easy for users to access the real market data. 

The platform’s native token is DEXT, which helps in completing the services within the ecosystem. Currently, the DEXT token is trading at $0.667 and has a market cap of $65 million. 

Among the UniSwap tools embedded in this platform include pool explorer, pair explorer, multi swap explorer, big swap explorer, and wallet info tool. The platform strives to provide high-quality data for investors’ successful investment.

  • Vesper (VSP)

Vesper is a Defi platform designed to help users maximize their income on their investment. The platform chooses the best high-yield areas to deposit money. However, the strategy chosen is based on the risk level tolerated by the investor. 

This network has its native token dubbed Vesper, which helps in securing the platform. Coinmarketcap shows the VSP price today standing at $73, and the prevailing market cap is $1604 million. 

Soon the platform will be introducing features like Vesper earns, Vesper stake, and Vesper labs to increase income-earning opportunities and community involvement. The platform also assures its users top security by auditing, risk scoring, timelock, and DAO ownership.  

Final Word

There are currently over two hundred Defi platforms, each proving unique in its own way. Although those mentioned above are lesser-known, the services they provide are necessary to Defi investors. 

Since its launch, DYP has been increasing users’ profits releasing rewards worth over 100ETh every day. The Request platform provides a straightforward option for the completion of payments. Unicrypt is a good tool for startup Defi platforms, and Falcon offers a unique dual token mechanism. Dextools hosts a world of tools for UniSwap, and the last one, Vesper, helps in crypto income maximization. 

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Although the Defi world is less than five years old, the relevance of the tools it has proves that  Defi and the platforms are here to stay. 

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