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9 Best Decentralized YouTube Alternatives

YouTube is the largest video-viewing franchise on the internet today. It is also the second-largest Google-based search engine globally. User statistics show that over 70% of adults use YouTube in the US, with 2 billion logged-in users per month. 

Notwithstanding, YouTube comes along with a couple of issues despite its popularity. Most of these issues arise from the centralization of the platform. Other issues include imprecise terms, conditions, privacy, copyrights, rejection of crypto-based payments, biased video suggestion algorithms, and limited customized services. 

Blockchain and crypto fans are looking for other options besides YouTube, considering YouTube discarded several blockchain-based channels. Blockchain-based alternatives are now in the market to help with YouTube shortcomings. 

This article aims to point out a few top decentralized YouTube alternatives that may suit your video creation and viewing preferences.

Decentralized YouTube Alternatives


LBRY is an open-source digital content sharing platform that is fast gaining popularity.

The decentralized platform offers its users, content creators, and viewers more features than video sharing and viewing. Developers have the allowance of building applications on the network. Digital content on the network ranges from movies, music, games, podcasts, books, and pictures. 

The network offers users options for creating, sharing, uploading, downloading, browsing, and purchasing content. Having no ads while logged in, the network offers users an easy time during their activities.

LBRY has its coin, the LBRY Credits (LBC), with mining and trading possibilities. Since the currency is relatively new, LBRY offers LBC rewards to users to create accounts, view, explore, invite, and follow, among other activities.

Finally, LBRY has an application that you can use for all activities rather than your web browser. 


Steemit is a platform that is more of a social network than a video sharing website. It utilizes blockchain tech, cryptocurrency, and social media to enable creating content and aid community building. Creators and curators of content get rewards of Steem Power and Steem Dollars.

It is important to note that the network also has another coin, STEEM, that allows for an exchange on the social media platform.

It offers pro-rata ownership, payment, and debt from ventures users contribute in. It further aims to generate products that serve its users. Finally, any form of input into the network, either cash or development, is valuable to the network.

Users can get news, commentary, answers to customized questions, a platform with its currency to trade content, free payments, and jobs involving offering services on the platform.


DLive is a blockchain-based platform focusing on live-streaming functions. The website promises its streamers and creators all funds generated from users’ subscriptions and donations. 

LEMON is the token users use for transactions in terms of donations and subscriptions. LINO is a cryptocurrency that users can trade outside the platform. LINO Stake allows holders to tether their coin and receive a stake in the network, further enabling them to elect validators, cast votes, and receive awards. 

Users access live streams, subscriptions, chat services, professional customer care services, knowledge pages, censorship-free options, and a dark theme.


3speak, a Hive network platform, allows creators to own their digital assets and communities inherently. The platform rewards users using Hive tokens and donations in Speak tokens. Creators can develop tokens, markets, rewards, and economies. The platform offers video viewing, live streaming, podcasts, rewards, cryptocurrency transactions, a citizen journalists’ platform, and censorship-free content. All hive users can access 3Speak.


Viewly is a peer-to-peer video platform that enables the creation, editing, sharing, uploading, and performance of videos, raising awareness and donations globally. Users can interact with and donate to ongoing campaigns. It further targets enabling payments from fans and sponsors. The platform is ad-free, privacy-conscious, offering vote-based tipping, and lowers video delivery costs.


It is the first crypto-based video platform built on STEEM and IPFS blockchains. It offers video streaming, browsing, uploading, sharing, and commenting on videos. It is also censorship-free. Users can earn coins and can reward creators with the same. It is ad-free and does not employ algorithms for suggestions on the platform. It is safe to say it provides a good base for all users. Content has segments depending on the videos, making it easy for users to navigate.


Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Livepeer aims to provide video developers with affordable and efficient live streaming. Users and broadcasters send streams through the platform, which converts them to every available format to suit viewers. Users can expect to scale without a single point of failure, at lower costs. It is an open-source network eliminating censorship, giving users the freedom of speech in their content. The use of tokens is possible. Users can trade processing power and unused transmission capacity for tokens. Users can spend tokens on live streaming. With time, the platform aims to employ blockchain advantages to its network for a better user interface. 


THETA aims to provide a reliable content sharing platform with low costs of delivery. The platform is censorship and biased algorithm’ free, providing high-quality content available to viewers’ demand. Content creators have the chance to earn more due to the peer-to-peer infrastructure. Users can undertake transactions using THETA tokens. Furthermore, users can trade bandwidth and computer resources for THETA Fuel rewards. The platform has an easy interface for users to navigate during browsing, providing an excellent encounter.


Minds are “the Anti-Facebook that pays you for your time.” Some say that Minds will take time to reach Facebook’s level. However, the platform allows coders to give suggestions on how to develop Minds. 

The platform allows for the sharing of photos, blogs, statuses, and videos. It also has encrypted messages and video chat options that are superior to other social media platforms. Users gain tokens for their active time and uploading of media-rich content on Minds. Fans can donate to a user through Bitcoin, Ether, or US Dollars. Moreover, users can upgrade to start their websites and get funds for the traffic they drive.

Creating an anonymous account on Minds is also possible, which a plus to the privacy it offers is. 

Minds is a transparent platform aiming to lower bias and censorship as it develops. Overall, there is a bright future for the network.

Final Word

YouTube has been the most celebrated video sharing network since its formation in 2005. However, the limitations of it are pushing users to scour for other networks to suit their needs. 

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Decentralized sites are a game-changer offering many users a more exciting, user, and community engagement platform. Offering more privacy options, bias-free, censorship-free, and ownership of content, they are becoming the next big thing as far as YouTube is concerned.

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