Aelf Token’s Price Jumps 40% Ahead of Its Mainnet Token Swap

ELF sees a spectacular surge of 40% in price following the announcement about aelf’s imminent release of its mainnet token swap. At the moment, ELF is changing hands for $0.73 and has a market cap of over $400M.

The much-anticipated aelf mainnet token swap will take place on September 9 at noon. The three-month event will allow users to swap their ERC-20 ELF tokens for the new mainnet ELF tokens at a 1:1 ratio. Above all, the aelf team will give up 27 million ELF airdrops worth a whopping $12,000,000 during this period.

The aelf developers work closely with top-tier exchanges to facilitate an efficient, safe, and seamless mainnet token swap. Users who complete their token swaps via eligible exchanges by September 23 have a chance to win an additional 5% of the mainnet ELF airdrops.

A Major Milestone for Aelf

aelf is a cloud computing blockchain offering solutions for the future digital economy. In December of last year, the decentralized platform went live. Furthermore, it promised to transform the blockchain space with its brand new performance experience.

The aelf mainnet token swap marks a watershed moment for the platform, as it effectively activates the all-connected blockchain ecology. Developers and crypto enthusiasts can now use their mainnet ELF tokens to access the ecosystem quickly and conveniently. 

aelf leverages the AEDPoS consensus mechanism, enhancing block production frequency and efficiency. What’s more, the project supports high-speed intra-chain and multi-parallel transactions at ultra-low fees of $0.1. 

The platform offers dev teams a free developing template with versatile modules such as smart contracts and a communication protocol. These vital tools pave the way for a new era in Dapp development and usage in the blockchain world.

The self-evolving and lightning-fast blockchain can also accommodate DApps from other leading blockchain ecosystems like Polkadot and Ethereum.

An Ethereum Layer 2 in Practice

aelf is looking to become the ETH layer 2 in practice with its capacity to integrate multi-chain parallel transactions on different blockchains.

The experienced aelf technical team designed their platform to improve other public blockchains. The team equips projects with enhanced performance, improved processing efficiency, and unmatched scalability. 

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Users on the blockchain can also transfer NFTs between the aelf ecology and Ethereum network. Moreover, the open-source blockchain has integrated support for a wide range of NFT application set-ups, including high-performance gaming.

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