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AidiVerse Presents Decentralized Solutions Integrated With Blockchain Gaming and NFTs

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Aidi Finance, an ecosystem of digital currency assets and utilities, has developed a new network dubbed AidiVerse. AidiVerse brings together complete decentralized finance solutions and integrates them with blockchain gaming and NFTs.

Aidi Finance was founded on the belief that controlling your money, data, and identity is a fundamental human right. According to the company, decentralization is the key to empowering people in protecting their rights worldwide. AidiVerse is parked with utilities to enhance the benefits to each member: 


AidiSwap is a decentralized multi-network exchange that enables token swaps on the Ethereum Network. AidiSwap is the Decentralized Exchange(DEX) of Aidi Finance. AidiSwap users can trade any ERC20 or BEP20 asset at breakneck speed, and also swap ERC20 and BEP20 tokens seamlessly.

AidiSwap also allows you to engage in direct peer-to-peer trading without the security risk of relying on a third party. Hence, you have complete control over your assets at all times. Aidiswap’s future versions will include staking and yielding. There will also be an improved dashboard with gas fee estimates, live trading, and a trading interface, among other features.


AidiCraft is the in-house NFT marketplace of Aidi Finance. It brings together artists and art enthusiasts under one virtual roof. On the AidiCraft platform, you can create, buy, and sell NFTs, interact with other NFT enthusiasts and share your favorite NFTs and ideas.

During its upcoming update, AidiCraft will bring forward a mechanism called Lazy Minting, where artists can list their NFTs without the hassle of paying gas fees. Moreover, artists who list NFTs in $VERSE will also incur 0 fees, which means they can list their projects for free.

AidiCraft’s governance and main utility token is $Verse. When you buy or sell on AidiCraft, you can earn $Verse. Notably, AidiCraft V2 update will take place on January 26. The upgrade will include lazy minting, listing in USDT, where the value of the assets will be on public display regardless of what tokens they are listed in.


PlayFi is the Play-to-Earn blockchain platform. It combines high-yield farming with blockchain gaming. AidiCraft and AidiPlayFi will work in tandem to ensure smooth in-game NFT transactions, while AidiPad will help game creators to launch their games..


It is an ecosystem asset tracker app. You can manage all of your AidiVerse digital assets in one location. With daily price and reward updates, you can see exactly how your assets perform. AidiConnect allows you to keep track of your crypto assets and see a detailed breakdown of ARF rewards (Automated Reward Farming).

AidiConnect will also keep the community informed about upcoming events, developer announcements, hot NFT collections, game releases, and hot merchandise collections, among other things.

$AIDI Token

In May 2021, $AIDI was launched as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network as the flagship token. The AidiVerse ecosystem is powered by $AIDI and has applications in DeFi, Gaming, and NFTs. With the same total supply and main features, $AIDI was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network in August 2021 to make the token more accessible to a global audience.

The team has partnered with Moontography to build a cross-chain bridge for holders to transact on both BSC and ETH, rather than using a third-party service provider. However, the network plans to implement a proprietary one which will be integrated into future versions of AidiSwap.

The $AIDI tokenomics are as follows; Total supply stands at 100 Quadrillion, with 50% scheduled to be burned on launch(sent to a dead address). 45% will fund the DEX, and the remaining 5% is allocated to the team and development purposes. Holders will gain a 1% reward on every transaction with a 1% burn. The terms apply to both the ETH and BSC versions of the token.

$VERSE Token

AidiCraft, the bespoke and proprietary NFT marketplace, uses the $VERSE utility token as a reward token. AidiCraft was conceptualized to bolster $AIDI as well as facilitate trading. In every $VERSE transaction, 3% goes into buying back Aidi and burning the tokens purchased. As a result, Ethereum is added to Aidi’s liquidity pool, and the number of tokens in circulation is reduced. The overall effect ensures stability and an increase in the price of $AIDI.

$VERSE has a total supply of 5 million. If one holds 500 $VERSE or more, they will be rewarded 4% of every transaction with Ethereum, which is automatically paid about 24 times a day depending on the trading volume.

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You can learn more about AidiVerse through their: WebsiteVerse Telegram | Aidi Telegram | Twitter | YouTube | Reddit

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