Alethea AI Meme Creators To Get More From A New DeFi Revenue Model

Content creators on Alethea AI are the new beneficiaries of smart contracts after adopting a revenue model that will promote their synthetic meme creation works. 

Users can now stake in stablecoin DAI and earn interest from the new protocol, Compound Finance, and then use the income to create more memes. 

Users staking their DAI tokens in support of meme creation will earn ALE tokens and gain a right to vote on newly created memes or directly commission the development of new synthetic fakes. 

What’s even more exciting is that users can remove their tokens without any third-party involvement. They only have to unstake the staked amount after the lapse of 24 hours, although the accrued earnings will remain with the meme pool owner.

More Coins to Join Alethea AI Soon 

Alethea AI was initially meant to enable set up their meme creation profiles and leverage the benefit of a meme pool and existing technologies.

However, with the new model, the platform starts to support revenue creation for users. Plans are underway to collaborate with other coins to allow people to create and monetize their content.

Meme creation has been a success on AI, even capturing amusing fakes of personalities like Changpeng Zhao, the Binance CEO.

The platform now seeks to expand the content type and have a range of synthetic content production. The focus will diversify from memes to audio, video, and movie within a controlled ecosystem.

The meme pools will provide unmatched algorithms for creating high-quality fake audio and video content and a new way of funding more content creation.

However, Alethea AI is notably not the first platform to leverage cryptocurrencies and their income generation aspect. Other platforms like rDai are also allowing users to earn through content creation avenues of their choice.

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