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Allnodes Allows Users to Host a Masternode or Stake in Minutes

Allnodes is a reputable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) infrastructure provider and Validator. The network offers a variety of services, including cloud hosting of Masternodes and Full Nodes. Users can also stake their tokens on the platform and earn even more rewards. There are currently over 33500 hosted nodes operating on the network with a value of over $1B.

What Problems Does Allnodes Attempt to Fix?

Allnodes strategy helps to eliminate centralization in the market. The open nature of the protocol and low entry costs provide a more democratic staking solution to the market. For example, to stake ETH 2.0, you need to lock up 32 ETH. This financial barrier limits the participation of regular users. Allnodes level the playing field by allowing users to do their part and earn rewards for their efforts.

Technical barriers

Technical barriers are removed using Allnodes. Operating a node can require some experience and technical know-how. You need to ensure your hardware is quality and your internet connectivity remains top-notch. PoS networks can penalize and even backlist nodes with low internet connectivity. Allnodes eliminates these issues for users.

Benefits of Allnodes

Allnodes users obtain a bunch of cool benefits. For one, the platform offers a secure automated process for staking and node hosting. The interface is easy to navigate and requires no experience to figure out. The entire process is simplified, and there are helpful descriptions along the way. Notably, you can set up and begin staking your coins in minutes.


One of the biggest benefits to Allnodes users is its security protocols. The network functions as a non-custodial PoS network infrastructure provider. You never have to send your funding to a large hot wallet to participate in Allnodes. Non-custodial platforms experience far fewer hacks than centralized custodial networks because they don’t hold large accounts full of users’ coins.

Customer service

Allnodes offers users 24/7 customer support. You can also get answers to your questions right away using the official Telegram and Discord bots. The Allnodes community can be helpful, and there is a FAQ section that answers the most common questions asked by new users.


The top reason to consider Allnodes for your node hosting needs is its uptime. The platform utilizes redundant systems and geographically located data centers to achieve a 99.9% uptime. This uptime level ensures that your node is never penalized and remains a top option for the network.

Community Rewards

Aside from the technical aspects of Allnodes, there are also a bunch of cool bonuses, rewarding challenges, airdrops, and competitions to enjoy. The developers are constantly introducing new contests to keep you engaged, and the rewards are automatically distributed to your wallet if you win.

How Does Allnodes Work

Allnodes accomplishes its task of simplifying node operation in a couple of different ways. The network integrates an Intuitive UI that takes the stress out of node operation on the front end. You can find all the features you need at a glance. Here are some of the core components of the network.


There’s a variety of Masternodes you can join or host your own. Users gain access to a multilayered monitoring system that ensures their node remains online. You can also track the Masternode and staking rewards of any address on the network to ensure transparency. Each network’s Masternode requirements differ. Some require a qualification period.

Full Nodes

The easiest setup is Full nodes. Full nodes cost less to operate and still provide decent ROIs. Currently, Allnodes has Full nodes available in 15 cities. The interface automatically keeps you in tune with your node via updates and a real-time uptime monitor.

Stake Coins

Staking is another popular feature that is sure to attract users. Staking protocols require you to lock your coins into a smart contract. In return, you receive rewards based on the amount and time your staked your coins. Allnodes offers non-custodial staking options which allow you to earn rewards while your coins stay in your wallet. Best of all, you can start staking in less than 2 minutes using the interface.

History of Allnodes

Allnodes (Official Website) is an LA-based firm that entered the market in May 2017. The firm has grown its staking and node hosting options since it first entered service. Today, Allnodes continues to serve its users with new features and network integrations monthly.

How to Get Allnodes

You have two plans to choose from when you sign up for Allnodes. The Basic Plan is great for starters. You prepay for the year or monthly for Allnodes hosting services when you select this option. The basic plan is available in 1 European location, and there are also some additional setup fees associated with the account.

The second option is the Advanced Plan. This plan gives you a plethora of features such as API access, priority support, and a free trial option. You are guaranteed a 99.90% uptime with this option because your node is hosted on a VPS. Notably, DigitalOcean and Linode host these nodes. This plan also integrates a high bandwidth of 1 Gbit/sec as part of the package.

Allnodes – Anyone Can Host a Masternode

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Allnodes simplifies node hosting. You don’t need to invest in expensive hardware or even learn technical specifications to start earning passive crypto rewards. Allnodes has removed these barriers and offers users a simplistic entrance point into the market. As more investors enter the blockchain sector and more PoS networks go live, Allnodes appears to be ideally positioned for the future.

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