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Alto City – Location Inspired NFT Collectibles and More

The Alto City developers want to combine depictions of the world’s top cities with the excitement surrounding the NFT market. The platform combines luck with a collection of rare artwork to create a fun user experience unlike anything else in the market.

Users unlock new cities and artwork with every minting. Best of all, each NFT collectible is 100% unique. Your freshly-minted NFTs reach the OpenSea market automatically. This way, you can save time and effort when looking to resell your NFT for a profit.

As one of the most popular NFT marketplaces in operation at this time, OpenSea offers various ways to sell your NFTs. For example, Alto City NFTs have already sold for over 3 ETH on the market. Therefore, collectors may gain substantial ROI, mainly due to the small minting fee of using the platform.

How Alto City Works

Alto City is all about celebrating the world’s fantastic cities and empowering users to access the NFT market’s momentum. The developers started their mission with a collection of 15,900 one-of-a-kind NFTs. Then, they divided these non-fungible tokens into four issuances. Every time you hit the “Mint” button on the top right corner of the platform, the system unlocks a new city.

This approach provides a fair distribution of the locations. You never know what the following mint will hold. Recently, Manhattan was unlocked. Once a city is unlocked and the NFT is minted, the fun really starts. Unlocked cities become available for use with front-end merchandise.

The Gallery

After a city is minted, it goes to the Alto City gallery. Users can scroll through these cities and review all of the NFT art that exists so far for the location. Several exciting works, including tributes to other famous artists, such as Vincent van Gogh, are there. Once you find a city and artwork you like, you can click the link to see what associated front-end products are available.

Alto City Front-End Products

You can find items such as high-resolution pocket squares, prints, and phone cases. All you have to do is scroll through the front-end products list. Notably, each of these products has been tested to ensure the highest quality materials and construction processes were used. Additionally, the items are machine washable and eco-friendly. Here are the Alto City products that have made the cut so far, and you earn a 7% commission on the sale of these products.

Pocket Square

Take your sophisticated style to the next level with a custom-made pocket square of your favorite city. These designer items are handmade from the finest silk. Each one is made to order in Europe and shipped directly to your doorstep. There are 15 different colors available to highlight your city’s luster.

Classic Carre

The classic Carre is a timeless look that is sure to add to any evening’s appeal. These handmade silk Carres provide a unique touch of elegance. Choose your favorite city and combine your style with local support in new ways.

Pocket Mask

Just because the world is amid a global pandemic, it doesn’t mean your style has to suffer. The Alto City pocket mask provides you with a unique way to express yourself and remain compliant with the current mask recommendations. In addition, each mask undergoes a rigorous quality inspection to ensure its durability.

Pearl Prints

Each Alto City Pearl Print comes on metallic pearl paper designed to pop on your office or home’s wall. There are 15 different color patterns to meet your décor needs. In addition, you can create a more inviting atmosphere using local-based artwork to connect with your guests.

Phone Case

Alto City users can upgrade their phone with one of the firm’s ultra-durable cases. The platform has cases for nearly all popular Smartphones, including iPhone and Android models. These cases are built using matte plastic, which improves grip and prevents slipping from surfaces. Like all other Alto City products, the case is made in the EU and quality-inspected before sending.

Earn on Your NFTs

One remarkable aspect of the Alto City platform is their incentivization system. For example, you earn a commission when you mint an NFT and someone wants to physical products with your NFTs. The commission rate is 7% on the sales of physical products made with your arts. This approach is simple for everyone to earn passive rewards with their NFTs.

Why This Strategy Works

This strategy is so effective because it allows you to earn rewards without relinquishing ownership of your asset. The NFT market continues to expand rapidly, with tokens increasing in value daily. The option to retain exposure to these profits without the need to trade, lock up, or even stake your NFT is a new concept that investors are sure to enjoy.

Shop till You Drop

The Alto City Shopping Mall offers you a glimpse into all the cities that have been unlocked so far and their products. In addition, there are features built in the market to simplify your shopping experience. For example, you can sort through the market based on items, color, or cities. Once you find one you like, ordering is as simple as clicking “add to cart” and following the instructions.

A New Concept – That Build on the NFT Hype

price change

Alto City seeks to take the NFT market a step further with its unique strategy. The platform will excite collectors because they can win rewards and still hold onto their rare NFTs. Also, the developers intend to expand on the concept after the current batch of cities is unlocked. To ensure random minting, they will introduce sets of 3000+ NFTs over time.

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