America’s Libertarian Party Shows Support for “Decentralized Currency”

America’s Libertarian party – the nation’s third-largest political party – made a statement on Sunday that possibly signals support for cryptocurrency.

The tweet advocated for the “separation of money and state” as an “imperative” for individual freedom.

  • “A decentralized, immutable currency that scales and is salable over time and space will combat the power of the regime,” it reads.
  • The statement seems to highlight properties for which Bitcoin is often praised. The primary cryptocurrency is known for being the first “decentralized” ledger, made “immutable” through proof of work.
  • It’s also often referred to as “digital gold”, a term that captures its salability across time and space. Specifically, it is both immune to monetary debasement and easily transferred to others because of its digital nature.
  • Many other libertarian and economically right-leaning politicians have shown support for Bitcoin, including Canada’s PPC Leader Maxime Bernier.
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In December, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey predicted that Bitcoin will replace the dollar.

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