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Arker Review – Gameplay, Rewards, and Tokenomics

Arker is an online multiplayer role-playing game (RPG) that enables users to earn cryptocurrencies as they play.

As the blockchain revolution rages on, the crypto sphere expands to incorporate more markets with exciting applications. Among them is the rapidly emerging sector of blockchain-based online gaming. Contrary to traditional video games, these applications allow users to boost their crypto income by completing quests.

Arker: the Legend of Ohm is one of the latest gaming projects to embrace this concept. The game proposes an alien world with elements of mythology and magic. Users can play adventurous heroes that battle each other to gain access to the ARKER mines.

As you have probably guessed, ARKER is more than the utmost precious metal in this game world. It is also the project’s native token represented as Fragment of Arker (FoA), which comes with governance properties. Above all, players can earn up to 20 million FoA tokens per month, resulting in a tantalizing bounty.

If you are into crypto and gaming, this kind of project may be right up your alley. That’s why, in this Arker review, we look closer at the game’s features and rewards. In the end, you should know whether this is the perfect online game for you.

What is Arker?

Arker: the legend of Ohm is a multiplayer online strategy game with role-playing features. It is accessible, versatile, and rewards its users in crypto.

The project has been in development since mid-2018. This shows that the developers paid close attention to every single detail in the game. Also, its launch comes at the right time to take advantage of the current hype around play-to-earn movement.

The creators developed the game in Unity. However, its off-chain servers are based on NodeJS + MongoDB technology. This combination of on-chain and off-chain technology should guarantee real-time gameplay with blockchain security.

Additionally, all the funds in Arker are under the management of smart contracts in Solidity. Also, they run on Binance Smart Chain, where the platform’s native tokens ARKER (DAO token) and FoA (in-game token) also operate.

When playing Arker, gamers have to recruit heroes of different classes to help them regain the legendary kingdom of Ohm. Once they accomplish this feat, they can gain control over the ARKER mines. As a result, they build their loot of one of the most precious minerals/tokens in the game, Fragment of Arker (FoA).

The game world traces back its conceptual representation from the make-believe games of Korea fast-play. Its developers want it to be more than a fun pastime for gamers. Instead, they want players to regard it as an exciting means of crypto income.

Arker uses a play-to-earn model to help users gain rewards from the very beginning. Furthermore, players can sell the items they earn in the platform’s marketplace. This way, they can increase their financial rewards.

Some of the ways that players can win rewards include:

  • Fighting against other players to earn Fragment of Arker (FoA) tokens.
  • Playing PVE to get rewards possible to exchange in the marketplace.
  • Performing daily missions.
  • Competing in the guild war.
  • Holding special events.

Lastly, behind Arker is a compact team of talented developers, according to the Arker whitepaper. Many of the members have over a decade’s experience in company development, payment methods, and blockchain cashless systems.

Arker Gameplay

Playing Arker is straightforward and does not require understanding complex gaming mechanisms. Also, the developers created the game to ensure quick and complete immersion for all gamers, regardless of experience.

Arker is not your occasional once-a-month hobby. To get the best from it, players will have to accept daily challenges and missions. This way, they can get FoA tokens for a fee. Additionally, if players complete 10 human / human PVP games, they will get additional tokens.

As an Arker player, your role is to control a hero and his pet to regain control of the kingdom of Ohm. Furthermore, you can join a clan to reach this goal together with other players worldwide. However, enemy clans will always look for new ways to kill you. That’s why improving your skills, characters, and pets should help you defeat them.

Play Modes

At the moment, Arker has two play modes:

Normal PVP

Players can access it by buying a ticket with a fixed cost in Fragments of Arker (FoA) tokens. Next, they can fight in battles with other users. The winners receive FoA tokens, gold, and experience as rewards. On the other hand, losers only receive experience and gold.


This game mode is more like a training feature. Simply put, players can fight clones of their characters to earn game experience.

Additionally, the developers are working on two more game modes:


This game mode will enable users to obtain runes to improve their characters’ basic stats. Also, they may receive summoning scrolls, skins, or FoA tokens.

Guild War

This game mode involves war in Ohm’s Kingdom. Players can group in 10-member guilds to fight each other. In return, they have to reach the highest total score to claim their win and earn token rewards.

Hero Classes

Every player can choose one hero from three different classes, Berserker, Alchemist, and Izarian. Each class has unique characteristics, advantages, and downsides. Through continuous upgrades, players can create the best combination of abilities and objects for each class hero.

Abilities and items

Players can train their heroes to boost their experience and reach new levels. This way, they should have better-fighting abilities and win fights easier. Also, heroes can improve various skills from hundreds of different abilities. Lastly, some of these skills are exclusive for every class. And, players can get them in the marketplace in exchange for Fragments of Arker (FoA) tokens.

It’s worth noting that all the weapons, abilities, and pets in Arker are NFTs. Users can win them in battles or by participating in specific events. Alternatively, they can buy them from other users on the platform.

Arker’s immersion in the world of NFTs comes at the right time. At the moment, the market for non-fungible markets is rapidly growing. This means that whatever NFTs players win in the game can increase in value exponentially in the years to come.


The marketplace is the go-to venue for all Arker players. It is where they can trade bounties in exchange for Fragments of Arker (FoA). Alternatively, they can purchase rare items or hero abilities that other players sell.


One hero may find it overwhelming to regain control over the city of Ohm. That’s why players should find this mission easier by grouping them into clans.

The fight among clans produces weekly winners that gain control over the ARKER mines. This way, they earn an extra bonus of the mineral for all their members.


When they’re not fighting over the city, heroes can engage in duels or one-on-one fights. Players can decide on these brutal encounters by staking an amount of Fragments of Arker (FoA) before the battle. Most importantly, the winner takes it all, thus increasing his FoA loot considerably.

History mode

This feature is still under development. However, we thought that it was interesting enough to talk about it a bit.

This gameplay feature enables players to send their heroes on fantastic adventures. For instance, they can venture into the world’s underground labyrinths. There, they will have to fight strange mythological creatures. In return, they can live incredible stories and gain unspeakable treasures.

Arker Villages

Villages in Arker are the characters’ settlements and provide various improvements. Also, they will have different buildings, such as:

  • Power generator: This building will allow faster power generation.
  • Energy Sanctuary: It will increase the maximum energy.
  • Sanctuary of the race: It improves the capacities of the race.
  • Ancient sword: It enhances the attack of the champions by 2%.
  • Crystal altar: It improves the HP of winners by 2%.
  • Clover building: It increases the luck ratio of daily roulette.
  • Experience building: You leave the characters there, and they get a % passive exp.
  • Visual: Add only visual decoration so that gold can be spent on it (tokens).
  • Roulette: You click, and the roulette wheel starts to spin. When the wheel stops, you get a prize. You can win an item, ability, pet, or nothing. One spin is for free every 24 hours.

It’s worth noting that most of these features are still under development. Therefore, their final forms may differ from the current conceptual representations.

Arker Tokenomics

Arker has created two tokens, both on Binance Smart Chain, and both will run on the BEP-20 platform. The first one, ARKER, has a maximum supply of 200 million units and will be used for the DAO. Here are a few details about the project’s tokenomics:

Basic Info

  • Listing price: 0.1$ / ARKER
  • Circulating supply at launch: 23,230,000 ARKER
  • IDO: 2.5% — 0.05$ (5,000,000 ARKER) = 250,000$
  • Backers: 30%: 0.040$ (60,000,000 ARKER) = 2,400,000$ (Starting unlock at month 3, during 18 months with a linear unlock)

Liquidity and exchanges:

  • DEX Liquidity: 2.25% (4,500,000 ARKER) 
  • CEX Liquidity: 5,25% (10,500,000 ARKER)

Linear unlocks:

  • Play to earn: 20% = 40,000,000 ARKER = 1,700,000 per month
  • Staking rewards: 10% = 20,000,000 ARKER = 830,000 per moth
  • Team: 15% = 30,000,000 ARKER = 1,100,000 per month, starting 6 months after launch (27 months lineal).
  • Advisors: 7% = 14,000,000 ARKER = starting 6 months after launch at 875,000 per month
  • Ecosystem fund: 8% = 16,000,000 ARKER = 700,000 per month

Arker is currently available in test mode the Play Store, App Store, and Steam. Furthermore, after its launch, users can play it on Android, iOS, and Steam platforms.

Arker aims to maintain project sustainability by keeping token pairs liquid. That’s why for every ARKER transaction, users will have to pay a 5% fee. Out of this amount, 75% will reach the platform’s liquidity to the ARKER/BNB pair. The remaining 25% will go to the marketing treasury.

Fragments of Arker (FoA)

FoA, the second token, is the in-game currency and represents rewards, in-game items, and more. Players can use this token to pay for skins, NFTs, and in-game. Here are some FoA tokenomics:

  • Total token supply: 540,000,000 units
  • Listing price: 0.015$ / FoA
  • Circulating supply at launch: 75,000,000 units
  • Initial market cap: 1,110,000$
  • Fully diluted market cap: 8,100,000$


  • Liquidity (6.18%) – 33,372,000 FoA
  • Rewards and ecosystem funds (13.82%) – 74,628,000 FoA
  • Play To Earn (Game pool) (80%) – 432,000,000 FoA

The FoA token will be tradable in the FOA/ARKER pair. Also, the platform has set a deflationary mechanism for this token. For example, when a player makes an in-game purchase with FoA, 85% of the value goes to the game pool. Lastly, the platform burns the remaining 15%.

The platform will use part of the money raised from the sale to add liquidity in two pairs on a decentralized exchange: ARKER / BNB and ARKER / FoA.

Governance in Arker

Arker will allow all ARKER token holders to make decisions regarding the game’s future updates. These users can actively participate in the game’s development, marketing campaigns, and artistic designs.

This means that Arker will become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where participants dictate most of the project’s trajectory.

The more ARKER tokens a user will have, the more voting power he will have in the platform’s decision-making process.

Users can table proposals and see their approval or rejection depending on what the majority of voters decide. The Arker developers believe that this is the best way to help the Arker ecosystem grow and fit the players’ preferences. Also, it will incentivize users to hold on to their tokens so they can vote on other decisions.

The governance system will also decide how to spend the tokens and budget the platform’s gains. All the resulting funds will be stored in a multi-sig cold wallet under the control of the core team. 

Initial distribution of the funds rose from the ARKER token sale:

  • 55% Development expenses
  • 20% Marketing
  • 10% Exchanges and partnerships
  • 10% Administrative costs
  • 5% Business development

Users can buy ARKER tokens at this event. However, they may also win free ARKER or FoA tokens as part of the platform’s giveaways. The developers may want to engage users in contests or bug-hunting to improve the platform’s growth. In return for their help, players can receive token rewards.


Arker is an interactive multiplayer online strategy game with exciting RPG components. Most of its features are still under development. That’s why emitting a verdict on its value would be unwise at the moment.

price change

Nevertheless, Arker comes with an appealing play-to-earn mechanism that should help attract many gamers to its community. The blockchain-based gaming sector is in full-fledging development. But this project may be one of its most innovative releases so far.

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