ART HAUS – Artist-centric NFT Marketplace and Discovery Platform

ART HAUS operates as an artist-centric art marketplace and discovery platform. The platform enables collectors to discover established and emerging artists before they become household names of the NFT space. ART HAUS empowers artists with a new way to tell their stories and present their artwork in ways never seen before.

ART NFT Market on the Rise

The NFT market has experienced record growth over the last year. Most of this growth can be attributed to the art collectible sector. These digital masterpieces are selling for up to tens of millions of dollars. As such, new investors continue to pour into the NFT market at a record pace. ART HAUS provides a way to differentiate from other collectors with their HAUS KEY NFTs, unlocking access to members-only exclusives. 

What Problems Does ART HAUS Attempt to Fix?

ART HAUS aims to empower artists to offer collectors an authentic and immutable body of work that is truly and provably theirs. Many artists are currently minting their works as NFTs using shared smart contracts with hundreds of other artists. They firmly stand behind their statement “Not Your Contract, Not Your Collection” and are true to helping artists secure their creations. By providing them with their own custom branded contracts, they guarantee artists complete freedom and control over their collections.

Missed Opportunities

Another major issue that ART HAUS reduces is artist discovery. The NFT art market is on fire. Artists such as Beeple are selling collectible artwork for millions. Recently, he sold an NFT for $60 million. The piece features former President Trump lying in the grass with graffiti on his body and a rainbow coming out of his bum. It is currently the highest-priced NFT ever sold, but the number of these collectibles selling for tens of thousands is on a sharp rise.

Now imagine if you would have known about Beeple before his works reached Mainstreet. ART HAUS is all about helping you in the discovery process. The platform carefully vets its artists to ensure that only those who meet its strict criteria make it into the exclusive galleries on the network. In this way, the ART HAUS introduces artists with endless potential to NFT collectors.

Lack Exposure

New artists in the NFT market also suffer from a lack of exposure. There are so many NFT markets available that new artists with potential can get swept away in the wave of content. For new artists, even deciding what platform to use can be a serious issue. Those who are unfamiliar with the decentralized economy can feel overwhelmed by all of the new terminology and features. ART HAUS provides a simplified experience for those artists who demonstrate top-tier talent.

ART HAUS helps these artists make a name in the market. They can showcase their collections on a personal level and communicate directly with their fans. Creators can host virtual galleries to speak directly with their fans. Also, they can share important insights into inspirations and the overall direction of their art. Notably, new artists can register for free. Click here to apply for residency.

ART HAUS Features

ART HAUS leverages blockchain technology, such as smart contracts and verifiable NFTs to provide both creators and collectors with a seamless experience. The platform offers an innovative approach to the market. Top collectors and content producers gain access to a variety of private and membership-only benefits.

ART HAUS Mechanics

The ART HAUS enables users to get the most out of their NFT venture. The platform integrates a unique AI-driven score that helps new users better identify new and promising artists. This strategy helps to onboard new users to the market by reducing confusion. 

Content creators can host special virtual events to provide a more intimate atmosphere to showcase their works of art. These “artists in residence” events can include all types of interactions, such as podcasts, collaborations, and auctions. Those that remain active in the community unlock members-only exclusives. They can also become keyholders and gain more opportunities.


The ART HAUS lobby is where you can find a variety of helpful articles and collector recommendations. This section adds a lot to the platform because it demonstrates a desire to educate new users. There are vital documents such as what NFTs are, their influence in gaming, how to get a residency, and security protocols such as holding your contract. This feature includes a search function that enables you to sort by artists, education, research, and news-based posts.


The Gallery is an exclusive area to members. This section contains the latest and greatest NFTs on the platform. You can sort through the curated selection of artworks using the filter feature. Here you can select your price range, organize the gallery based on date, artist, and more. Each work lists vital data such as its issuance number, scarcity, current value, and if it belongs to a larger collection.


The ART HAUS Token-Gating app enables artists to leverage NFT permissioned links. These links help artists to better manage the utility of their works. Also, it helps provide the functionality to collectors of their NFTs. The application is set to go live in weeks at gate.haus.

WordPress/WooCommerce plugin

Another cool feature that interests artists and collectors is the WordPress WooCommerce plug-in. WordPress is one of the world’s most successful and popular website platforms. WooCommerce is an eCommerce plug-in that enables website owners to integrate a shop into their sites. The ART HAUS WooCommerce plug-in is set to launch for ZORA Protocol’s Auction House in weeks.


Members may receive rewards by curating art for ART HAUS. To be eligible for this service you must be an NFT keyholder. For your participation, you are directly rewarded as a curator. Top curators qualify for even more benefits including limited edition NFTs and special offers.

ART HAUS – Get the Inside Scoop on Top Quality NFT Artists

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ART HAUS brings a unique value to the market with its artist-focused approach. Both collectors and content creators enjoy more protection and exciting opportunities using the network. Considering that the NFT market is just warming up, it’s safe to assume ART HAUS has a bright future ahead.

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