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Barclays Wealth Manager Leaves Company For Bitcoin Suisse

Dirk Klee – former wealth manager at Barclays Wealth – has left the company to assume leadership at Bitcoin Suisse. His new position takes effect on April 1st, 2022, succeeding Dr Arthur Vayloyan, a board member.

Financial Services and Crypto

Bitcoin Suisse revealed the new appointment in a statement on Friday. Klee was CEO of Wealth Management and Investments for three and a half years and had two decades of experience in similar roles. These include positions as COO of wealth management at UBS and Head of Business Development for Germany at investment firm PIMCO.

Bitcoin Suisse Board Chairman described him as the “ideal CEO” of the company, given his track record. His predecessor, Vayloyan, echoed this sentiment:

“Our current plans for the future development of Bitcoin Suisse are just as groundbreaking as 2018’s decision to invest and grow. I am therefore very pleased that Dirk Klee will further develop these ambitious plans as my successor,” he said.

Bitcoin Suisse is a crypto-financial services company. It offers trading, loans, custody, staking, and other services for both private and institutional markets. It has over $6.5 billion in digital assets under management and generated over 70 million francs (or $76 million) in revenue.

The companies in which Klee took part previously have also entered the cryptocurrency sphere. Blackrock – where Klee was formerly CEO – has allowed some of its most significant funds to engage with Bitcoin derivatives. In October, PIMCO revealed that it experimented with little exposure to cryptocurrencies.

“In the coming years, the growth of crypto-financial services will continue to accelerate in Europe and globally,” said Klee. “We anticipate key shifts in regulation, client expectations, and technology.”

Bitcoin Suisse Taps Barclays Wealth Manager Klee as New CEO - Bloomberg
Dirk Klee. Source: Bloomberg

Relocating to the Crypto Industry

Klee joins a slew of high profile public and private figures. Together, they try to bridge their way from former industries into the emerging crypto space. For example, Jay Clayton, former chairman of the SEC, is now a member of the advisory board at Fireblocks. The latter is a digital asset custody platform.

The most noteworthy of these names are easily Jack Dorsey – co-founder and former CEO of Twitter. The multi-billionaire relinquished ownership of his social platform early last month and has since been purely focused on developing Bitcoin.

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Lastly, Jack didn’t do this as a business decision so much as an ethical one. He has called Bitcoin “the most important” work of his life and slammed the profit motives of industry leaders as antithetical to decentralization.

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