Beginner’s Guide: Bitladon Exchange Review

Bitladon Exchange is part of Coin Meester B.V., a company registered in The Netherlands, owned by Boyd Meuleman & Mitchell Zandwijken. It has been in operation since June 2017 and quickly gained popularity in the countries it operates due to its fast EURO deposits and withdrawals.

How Does Bitladon Stand Out?

Taking business away from competitors can be a daunting task; the Bitladon team not only created value statements to help them align with its competitors but has also looked to implement several features and practices to help them get ahead of the competition. These include:

A secure platform – The team behind Bitladon pride themselves on providing a secure platform and employ the most reliable security technologies available. These include utilizing different security layers and 95% of the funds kept in cold storage.

FIAT Markets & Fast deposits/withdrawals – This is where Bitladon excels and gives it the edge over many competitors. While crypto deposits and withdrawals are fast, not many exchanges offer you the possibility of directly buying cryptocurrency with FIAT. In your Bitladon account, you can easily invest in cryptocurrency. You can deposit EURO, which takes 1 business day to reach your account through SEPA (Single European Payment Area), to buy digital currencies or even deposit digital cryptocurrencies and sell them for EURO and cash it out in the same easy fashion. Both digital currencies and EURO deposits and withdrawals are processed automatically and credited to your Bitladon account and/or bank account, respectively.

Accessibility & Account Verification –  Bitladon provides quick access to vast cryptocurrencies, offering FIAT (EURO) to crypto trading services. Moreover, Bitladon uses the latest KYC and AML standards to comply with international and local laws and ensure a safe environment on their platform. While there is no limit, regarding crypto trading, for EURO deposits and withdrawals, a new account will have a weekly limit of 100 Euros in trades. For a higher weekly limit, you will need to verify your account. To make it easier, Bitladon is using one verification layer. This means you can upload all of your documents at once, after which you can continue trading without having anything to worry about. A fully verified account ups your weekly transaction limit to 100.000 EURO; should you need more, you will have to contact their customer support. Account verification usually takes less than one hour during a working day, but give it up to 24 hours as this always depends on the amount of work.

Supported Currencies – Bitladon offers a wide range of coins. They have currently listed 163 coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, PundiX, Electra, Storj, etc., all available to buy directly with FIAT.

Transparent Fees – Bitladon charges no fees on crypto deposits and withdrawals. However, you will have to pay the network fee for every crypto withdrawal, which depends on the coin itself. You can find more information here. Standard Trading fees stand at 2% on all trades but get lower based on your VIP Status and 30 days trading volumes – it can get to as low as 0.25 in the trading fee. You can find more information on the VIP Status Program under “My Account –> VIP Status.”

Customer Support – Bitladon offers one of the best customer support in the industry. Their support is always professional and ready to help and is reachable by phone, e-mail, and chat on workdays from 9 AM to 5 PM. usually, e-mails are answered within an hour, but during weekends, the response time might be longer.

Is Bitladon Safe?

While Bitladon is one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges available on the market, it has quickly managed to attain a high level of trust from its users and the digital currency community, which implies that Bitladon security is taken seriously. You can check it yourself on Trust Pilot to see some of the users’ opinions. Two-factor authentication is available and is always a nice sight. Moreover, Bitladon will ask you to send you a code via e-mail each time you want to access your account, right after registration, and encourage you to enable the 2FA with Google Authenticator. Even more encouragingly, up to date, there have been no hacking reports.

Bitladon Signup & Registration

Registering an account with Bitladon is as easy as you could expect it to be. It is a straightforward process in two steps: you begin by entering your details such as email, name, password, and, of course, agreeing to their terms and conditions. You will get a verification email with your registration activation code to log in to your account.

Bitladon trading volumes
Bitladon Registration Form

Bitladon Markets View

Bitladon has an immaculate and modern layout throughout the website that extends to the market overview screens too, where you can choose between three types of screens, as shown in the picture below.

Bitladon Markets View
Bitladon Markets View

Bitladon Trading View

Bitladon offers two types of trading: Simple Buy & Sell trading or Advanced. The normal trading mode will allow you to buy and sell digital currencies at the market rates, while the advanced mode will allow you to set your own prices or a range of prices. While Bitladon is the perfect place for beginners, professional traders can also use it. They provide crypto-to-crypto services too and stop losses feature for the more advanced traders.

Bitladon Accepted Countries
Bitladon Trading View – Simple Mode
Is bitladon safe?
Bitladon Advanced Trading View


  • Excellent Reputation
  • Regulated
  • Easy to Use – Perfect place for beginners
  • Very Secure
  • Unrivaled on FIAT to Crypto offerings


  • Limited to EURO countries – Unfortunately, Bitladon is only available in EURO countries.

Closing Thoughts

Bitladon offers customers and especially newcomers a practical and easy-to-use service to buy and sell cryptocurrency; it makes it the perfect place for everyone who wants to sell quickly or buy a cryptocurrency for FIAT. Their interface is quite well designed, and Bitladon exchange offers among the widest selection of cryptocurrencies for FIAT trading.

Bitcoin live price
price change

As always, do not forget to take safety precautions such as using a unique password for signing up, switch on 2-factor authentication, and remember to withdraw your currencies to your own private wallet.

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