Binance Academy Review – The Ultimate Crypto Educator

The King of Blockchain Start-ups

Without any doubt, one of the most dominant players in the Blockchain market is Binance Labs. The organization is an all-in-one blockchain ecosystem comprised of Exchange, Lab, Launchpad, Info, Academy, and Charity Foundation, all handled by their in-house Blockchain – the Binance Chain. Founded under the leadership of CEO Changpeng Zhao, it is operated by a dedicated team of fintech and crypto experts.

It is notable that Binance Chain, which acts as the back-end support to all of Binance’s activities, handles the Binance exchange, capable of processing more than 1.4 million orders per second, making it one of the fastest chains in the world. The platform focuses on security, speed, and community — attracting enthusiasts and professional traders alike.

Binance’s Academy (former Binance.Vision) seems to make sure that it positions itself as the one-stop-shop for all crypto. From exchange to trading, to incubator, to educator, Binance has tried hard to do it all. It is for that very reason that Binance initiated the Binance Academy. The Academy is a place to inculcate information about all things Blockchain. One of the reasons for initiating the project was that the team thought if Binance was the place people learned about cryptocurrency and Blockchain, they are more likely to use the services offered by them in the future.

And so, let us look into what Binance has in-store, the reasons behind its inception, and what the Binance Academy has to offer to its users.

Binance Academy

binance academy is an educational website belogging to binance

In mid-2018, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, announced the launch of their blockchain and cryptocurrency education platform – The Binance Academy. Binance Academy is one of several arms operated by the Binance foundation to push its goal to dominate the cryptocurrency space.

This new platform, Binance Academy, operates from the domain www.binance.vision or https://academy.binance.com/. Its vision is to be a universally accessible education portal, something like the Wikipedia of crypto. The platform hopes to cover a vast range of fundamental and advanced topics comprising everything from blockchain and its applications to cryptocurrencies and security and more.

“We have taken great care in adopting a platform that is open for both consumers and producers of contents. Users are free to suggest new topics they would like to learn about and also submit their work for review and sharing alongside Binance produced contents on Academy,” added CZ during the launch.

Given the industry’s fast-moving nature, the curriculum at Binance Academy is known to be continuously adapted and expanded to reflect real-world scenarios and strategies. Users can also bookmark the Glossary as a companion to navigate through the jargon of the fast emerging blockchain economy.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Beginner’s Guide

We took the initiative to write an entire article about the functions, operations, and features of Binance Academy because it is worth taking the effort. Platforms like Binance Academy are extremely rare on the internet because their whole vision is to provide education to the mass audience, without anything else in return (well, at the least just spreading the Binance name). Like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and several other platforms, Binance Academy is a place where one can log in at any time, check out what they wish, gain information, and leave. No sign ups, no subscriptions, or anything. It goes in line with Binance’s long-term vision of evolving into an Open Platform.

“At Binance our vision has always been to increase the freedom of money. We view crypto as a fundamental means to attain this goal, and we work hard to ensure that all of our products and services contribute in some way to reaching that original vision. We believe the future of Binance is a decentralized open platform and we have taken many steps in achieving this.”

As time went forward, Binance has kept updating its platform with new terms, videos, security upgrades, and sometimes even news about recent events. According to the website ranking service Alexa, Binance Vision is currently ranked in the top 18000 websites visited daily, up from 25000 only in May 2020.

The entire website is currently divided into 4 distinct categories, each imparting information in their medium.

  • Glossary

A glossary is where one finds the meanings and definitions of complex words, abbreviations, and jargon. Talking about jargon and complex words, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency is full of them. From abbreviations like FUD and HODL to superfluous words like Hashing and Mining, any outside person will be quite easily confused when looked at for the first time. The Glossary allows people to make sense of what is what in the evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

  • Tutorials

Quite easily, the most viewed section, Tutorials, features articles, essays, and video explanations of topics that one might need to understand to grasp Blockchain technology fully. Under this section, one can find explanations to simple topics like mining and encryption to more advanced topics like the Smart Contracts, Quadratic voting, etc.

  • Economic Perspective

Mostly focused on the market and trading, the Economics section is where one finds explanations to various trading strategies and economic perspectives into crypto and blockchain. You can find strategies to Dollar-Cost-Average your crypto or just walk in to know more about Bitcoin’s store of value theory, among hundreds of other topics.

  • Security Breakdown

Under the Security banner Binance.vision gives us deep perspectives into the back-end part of cryptocurrencies. It is well known that as appealing it may be, the crypto world is invested with scams and schemes and whatnot. It also doesn’t help that because of its complexity, many people end up not knowing how to store, backup, and safeguard their digital assets. This category covers all areas that are important for safeguarding, storing, and browsing with your cryptocurrencies.

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Here is a Reddit sub where you can check out what you will find on Binance Academy for more information.

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