Binance Charity Launches “Crypto Against Covid” Campaign to Fight Covid-19

Crypto Against Covid is a campaign launched by Binance Charity Foundation, aiming to raise $5 million in crypto to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. The campaign also seeks to buy medical supplies for the countries heavily hit by the pandemic.

Binance Charity Foundation allocated $1 million in BUSD tokens and will also help set up a wallet to put all public donations for the project. Binance exchange will convert the donated BUSD to fiat, and the funds will purchase medical supplies to be distributed in Italy, Spain, Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Iran. Additionally, the foundation will publish all the transactions made with the donated funds, on its portal, for full transparency.

Binance Charity Foundation Gives Back to the Community

Changpeng Zhao, Binance CEO, says that the crypto community is a growing force, and philanthropy can strengthen it. He encouraged the community to participate in the initiative for them to battle Covid-19 together. In February 2020, the Binance Charity Foundation launched the Binance for Wuhan project. The project pledged to donate $1.4million to support the purchase of medical supplies to battle against the Pandemic in China.

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On the other hand, the Head of Binance Charity, Helen Hai, said that an essential element of human life is to show compassion and help others without the restriction of borders. She says blockchain technology can show kindness to the masses.

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