Bitcoin Chart Shows Crypto Whales are Influencing On-chain Data Trends

The On-chain data chart shows a bizarre trend whereby entities’ net growth is still rising despite the Bitcoin price dropping from its all-time high of $65k. 

The current data is even higher than the 2017 net growth before the price of Bitcoin came crashing down after a high of 25k. As expected, the net growth went down, but this is not the case for Bitcoin at the moment.

What is Causing the Weird Movement?

Net growth of entities is defined as the difference between the new entity and “disappearing” entities. Disappearing are entities with a zero balance that had a non-zero balance at the previous timestamp.

Bitcoin on-chain activity is ‘dead,’ but on-chain indicators are very positive right now. On-chain analyst William Clemente says that this is because whales are getting into the Bitcoin market. The number of new users is hence being reported as very high. It is not just the whales, however, but retail investors are increasing too. This week, the amount has been accelerating, and about $2,200,000,000 worth of Bitcoin has been bought.

Clemente also examines BTC inflows and exchange outflows. Finally, Bollinger Bands, an indication of volatility that provides oversold or overcomplete signals, is used by prominent analysts to examine BTC flux and exits into crypto exchanges. 

Clemente believes that since March, the indicator had got its first buy signal. According to his analysis, those who purchased BTC have little selling history, suggesting that the horizon could be subject to a “supply shock.”

Companies with minimal sales history still absorb more money from speculative traders, increasing the liquid supply ratio. This force keeps grinding up to the price. With no incident of capitulation, it is a question of ‘when’ rather than ‘if that. The market will endure a supply shock once the process is complete.

50,000 New Bitcoin Entities 

BTC price movement displeases, and Bitcoin’s best-known price models even come for criticism are bizarre perspectives.

Clemente contends that if data in the chain is anything to go by, the situation is far from belated. He summed up that new users’ growth currently reaches new all-time highs, with over 50,000 new companies in line a day.

These new companies might well pressure exchange reserves, which continued their downward trend – approximately 18,000 BTC left their exchange wallets in the last week alone. For weeks now, retail has purchased many of it, but they have had the whales they waited for at last.

Bitcoin live price
price change

For other reasons, this week, whales were also in the headlines. Bitfinex investigates a price decline that lost BTC/USD critical $33,000 to support a massive accumulation of short currency fluctuations.

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