Bitcoin Rewards Platform Lolli Secures Partnership With eBay

Bitcoin rewards platform Lolli has announced its partnership with leading online marketplace eBay. The partnership is seen as a major one for the platform in its quest to increase Bitcoin adoption.

Users To Earn Ebay Rewards In Bitcoin

Lolli is an online rewards app that has proven to be popular within the crypto ecosystem. It allows users to earn Bitcoin as they make purchases online. With the partnership, millions of eBay users will earn 1% of their online marketplace purchases.

Unlike other cash-back or loyalty reward platforms, Lolli uses a unique system. Consumer wallets are credited directly with Bitcoin when a transaction with Lolli’s partner merchants is completed online. eBay is regarded as one of the top online markets and has over 120 million users globally. Lolli’s partnership is expected to foster Bitcoin adoption as it will make the leading coin accessible to more users.

Speaking on the partnership, Lolli CEO Alex Adelman revealed his delight and believes it fits its ideology.

“We are thrilled to partner with eBay, the largest online auction marketplace, and give over 127 million eBay users the opportunity to earn bitcoin back on their orders. eBay made online shopping more accessible to the world for the past 25 years. Today, we are proud to partner and make bitcoin more accessible to those users and continue our mission of furthering bitcoin education and adoption.”

Over 900 Partners Affiliated With Lolli

Lolli has over 900 merchants on its platform and includes huge brands like Bloomingdale and Nike. The online rewards platform is credited by many as one of the biggest tools for promoting Bitcoin. Its partnership with eBay makes it the first crypto rewards platform to achieve this and bodes well for the platform.

Bitcoin live price
price change

Lolli has hinted recently that it could extend its crypto rewards to other assets apart from Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency globally and has seen a huge surge in adoption in 2020. It’s cross border payment application and limited supply make it valuable and have recently led to an increase in price.

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