Bitcoin Was Almost “Netcoin”, Domain Data Reveals

According to historical records detailing domain purchases under professional anonymity provider AnonymousSpeech, Bitcoin could have been Netcoin instead. 

Nakamoto May Have Been Torn Between 2 Names

The data revealed that on August 17, 2008, a day before Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin.org, Netcoin.org came into existence. AnonymousSpeech is a Japanese service that allows users to purchase domain names anonymously.

Twitter user @Orweinberger made a post on Friday to reveal the new findings. They reportedly discovered the information while going through all the domains purchased around the same time by AnonymousSpeech. 

Did you know? A day before the http://bitcoin.org domain was first registered, someone purchased http://netcoin.org using the same registrar.” 

Indeed, the pseudonymous developer behind Bitcoin published a whitepaper for the digital token describing its characteristics and use. Nakamoto, of course, referred to the asset as Bitcoin throughout the release. However, the new data suggests that the BTC creator had considered at least one other naming option before settling on Bitcoin. Orweinberger noted this in the post, 

Looks like Satoshi was contemplating between the two names and later dropped http://netcoin.org.”

Crypto Users Prefer the Name, Bitcoin

Later on, as they dug deeper, Orweinberger reportedly discovered that no content ever made it onto the netcoin.org domain. According to data from the Wayback machine, the post noted this lasted until someone else purchased the domain later on. Netcoin.org was deleted later and re-registered as a subsidiary of Web.com in 2010.

Some believe that while the decision between Netcoin and Bitcoin may have been difficult for Nakamoto, he ultimately made the right choice. Indeed, several crypto users and Bitcoin enthusiasts claimed to dislike the alternative name for the world’s top cryptocurrency. One user said:

I’m glad they stuck with Bitcoin, sounds way better.” 

Interestingly, the new data further casts doubts on those who have claimed to be Bitcoin’s creator in the past. One comment brought up self-proclaimed Craig Wright noting that he had never mentioned Netcoin. 

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