Bitcoiners are the True Liberation of America, Says Kanye West

In a recent podcast with Joe Rogan, Kanye West speaks about crypto and Bitcoin. The famous American rapper says Bitcoin is the true liberation of humanity and America. Apart from being a rapper, running a clothing brand, Kanye is also running for Presidential Election 2020.

In the podcast, Kanye calls Bitcoin a new frontier of our existence and how the “tech guys” are using new information highways to make it possible. He speaks highly of tech innovations and entrepreneurship spirits, mentioning Tesla, Airbnb, Uber, etc. This is not the first time Kanye West has mentioned Bitcoin. In 2018. Kanye mentions Bitcoin while showing his disappointment with the $20 bill, making him want to use Bitcoin instead. This was about the picture of political activist Harriet Tubman on the bill, which reminded Kanye of slavery.

However, Kanye has not always been liberal about his name being attached to cryptocurrencies. In 2014, the rapper filed a lawsuit and won against an altcoin’s creators named after him – Coinye. That resulted in Coinye shutting down their operations.

Rising Bitcoin awareness

Whereas the crypto community is happy with the awareness, Bitcoin is getting a mention from the popular celebrity. Hoping it would lead to more awareness and benefits of cryptocurrencies, hence the mass adoption. There’s no doubt the awareness about cryptocurrencies is rising day by day. We saw the unprecedented rise of cryptocurrency transactions in India during the lockdown period. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, promoted Bitcoin donations earlier this month during Nigerian protests against police brutality. Dorsey’s payment company Square has also invested $50 million in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin rally beyond $13k

Bitcoin live price
price change

On the other hand, unrelated to this news, Bitcoin has been trading at 2020’s highest price – $13k. The Bitcoin’s price rally started with the news of PayPal accepting cryptocurrencies and leading to the price being stable at $13. It’s worth pointing out that it will give approximately 346 million users access to buy and sell cryptocurrencies right from their Paypal account.

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