Bitrue Launches the Event Page for ArtVerse Token Sale

On September 23, Bitrue announced on a Twitter post the opening of the ArtVerse token sale event page on its platform. The platform is working on the final touches before the presale, set to kick off on September 27. ArtVerse’s AVT token will list on Bitrue before other exchanges, according to confirmation on its Twitter page.

ArtVerse is a decentralized platform focusing its objectives on streamlining activities within the crypto art industry. It is leveraging the decentralization offered by blockchain technology to create a seamless marketplace for digital art.

The platform will allow content creators to explore their creativity while offering authentic art pieces for buyers. Moreover, artists can take advantage of the platform’s well-connected distribution for an extensive experience. ArtVerse further eliminates the need for third parties in art sales, hence, boosting their profits.

AVT Token Behind the Platform’s Stability

AVT is an ERC-20 token governing all activity on ArtVerse. However, it is not the only type of asset on the platform; it integrates Art-ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens. The AVT tokens have an initial supply of 2.1 trillion coins, distributed solely by Bitrue. ArtVerse cautions users to avoid other platforms that may claim to offer the coin.

The token sale will be the first and only distribution of AVT for a while before more listings on exchanges. A point for users to note is that several regions will be unable to participate in the token’s presale; this includes the US, all US territories, Korea, Cuba, Malaysia, Bolivia, Ecuador, China, Singapore, etc.

The AVT token plays several crucial roles on ArtVerse, including handling transaction fees, NFT purchases, staking on AVT pools, and governance. It incentivizes user participation by rewarding anyone who gambles the coin and giving AVT holders decision-making rights on the platform. Notably, ArtVerse will distribute 50% of transaction fees to users who stake their coins. The rest will go into boosting artists to create better art for their enthusiasts.

ArtVerse Has A Significant Focus in the NFT Space

ArtVerse’s features indicate its significant investment into NFTs and their trade. For instance, the platform exploits the IPFS computing concept for data and NFT storage. As a result, it ensures revamped security for users as no one can tamper with the software or a creator’s NFTs. Additionally, the Ethereum blockchain enables it to deploy NFTs straightforwardly, further taking into account its scalability.

As a user or creator, you can access different functionalities on ArtVerse, including a marketplace, Metamask wallet, NFT splitting, ArtEdit, creator certification, to mention but a few.

As per the team:

The presale is the first step for ArtVerse to realize its vision in reshaping the art industry. Its technology combined with the functionality of its token and the community’s help will progress it into solving prevalent issues associated with art. 

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Lastly, you can take advantage of the platform’s staking feature to earn extra from your activity on the platform.

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