Bitrue’s White Paper Makes It Clear Why They’re Quickly Becoming A Top Exchange

Bitrue is one of the most talked about trading platforms in 2020, and they’re fast approaching 2 years in the industry. To mark the occasion they released a new White Paper 2.0 that looks back at everything they’ve achieved in this time, and some of the stats inside are seriously impressive. 1.5 million registered users, 532,000 active traders and 300 million dollars in daily trading volume is nothing to sniff at. We’ve pulled out five important facts that show why this exchange has gone from strength to strength and are set to keep shooting up the exchange charts in the future.

320% Year-On-Year Community Growth

Bitrue knows very well the value of keeping their customers close, and since the beginning they’ve listened carefully to their users and added new coins & features according to what the community is asking for. This close relationship with their users has seen their social impact grow massively with their Twitter followers and Telegram group growing 320% in just one year.

60% Higher Interest Rates Than Competitors

Who doesn’t love getting free coins? In the last couple of years a bunch of exchanges have decided to start offering investments to their users, but Bitrue has them all soundly beat in every category.

bitrue ROI

If you want to be smart with your money then you have to find ways to make it grow passively, and right now the numbers don’t lie – there’s nobody who will help you grow faster than Bitrue.

Bitrue Builds Fast – 2 Major Updates Every Week

Bitrue have made themselves available on three platforms (web, Android and iOS) and give a lot of love to all of them. On average they’ve been releasing an update to one of them twice per week, whether that be security updates, new trading pairs, new features, bug fixes, improved interest rates, the list goes on. This high-paced development shows that they’re dead set on taking on the biggest exchanges and they’re not content to rest on their laurels.

They’re Serious About BTR

BTR is Bitrue Token, their own platform token, which they’ve been spending time developing new utilities for. The one you really need to know about is the ability to increase the APR on your investments. Remember those industry-leading rates from earlier? Turns out you can push those 2% higher if you support the exchange by holding their token. Their White Paper 2.0 shows they have already bought and burned 15 million BTR back from their users, and they recently announced they will burn an extra 100 million in the coming days in order to make BTR more valuable. These aren’t the actions of a greedy exchange, it shows they’re serious about pushing the price of their token as high as it can go.

Their Future Looks Revolutionary

The end of their White Paper stops looking at the past and instead gazes into the future, giving us a look at what they’re focusing their developments on. No strangers to exploring new ground, they are planning on becoming the first ever hybrid CeFi/DeFi exchange, which will let their users choose between both forms of finance to get the deal that works best for them.

bitrue cefi/defi

Everyone can go take a look at their 21 page White Paper in order to dig out more info.

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