Bitwala Partners With Celsius to Provide Interest to Bitcoin Hodlers

Germany-based blockchain banking company Bitwala is now partnering with the pioneering decentralized finance (DeFi) platform known as Celsius to provide Bitcoin hodlers yearly interest of up to 4 percent.

When users decide to utilize the Bitcoin Interest Account of Bitwala, the funds they deposit will be loaned to institutional borrowers through Celsius, and this gives them the opportunity to earn interest every week on their Bitcoin in the form of BTC.

The blockchain bank has integrated Celsius as it considers DeFi a new means of generating wealth, with an emphasis on the opportunity to earn passive income from cryptocurrency holdings.

A minimum of BTC valued at $12 can be deposited by users into Bitwala’s interest accounts, with the chance of adding and withdrawing funds any time they desire. However, users have to pay network fees for the use of the account but there are no fees for investments and withdrawals.

Since Celsius was launched in 2018, it has been able to facilitate more than $6.2 billion and also provided loans to a network of more than 150 institutional borrowers. The company pays 80 percent of the interest earned to users and retains the remaining 20 percent. Weekly returns differ due to response to market dynamics.

Many market participants consider DeFi lending a catalytic factor for mainstream adoption. According to the founder of Celsius, Alex Mashinky, the concept of DeFi platform was envisaged towards the creation of something that will produce more utility and less volatility, thereby driving prevalent adoption.

The world economy is experiencing trouble with rapid reductions in banking interests; hence, Mashinky argues that the provision of easy access to interest income unlocks a multi-billion market for cryptocurrency. He noted that the provision of interest better than banks can help in building trust and win over more people.

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Source: Cryptopress.

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