Block.one Offers $50k Grant For Its Blockchain-Based Coronavirus Testing App

On April 29, Block.one (the firm in charge of EOS cryptocurrency) issued a $50,000 grant towards the facilitation of anonymous access to coronavirus testing. The company issued the grant to Genobank for its open-source app.

The firm issued the grant in collaboration with EOS VC (Block.one’s venture arm), and FinLab EOS VC. A few weeks ago, Genobank noted the development of its app known as Agerona together with the Eos-based blockchain platform, Telos.

Agerona helps with anonymous connection of users with test suppliers in their country. There are special barcodes in the tests which help users in creating a free and anonymous account on the Telos blockchain. They send the kits to a verified lab for processing and then upload the results anonymously to the blockchain.

Health researchers can use the system to analyze test results without knowing the identity of the individuals tested.

Genobank’s CEO Daniel Uribe expressed his appreciation regarding the support offered by EOS VC towards achieving anonymity for DNA/RNA test kits (as well as COVID-19). This gives users and patients the opportunity to decide whether they want their anonymized data to be available to the scientific community and curtail COVID-19 spread.

Block.one has been investing in some companies to fight COVID-19. They provided funds to work on solutions to problems associated with COVID-19. This was achieved by collaborating with the EOS VC Grants program and FinLab EOS VC.

Some of those who received funds from the firm are health and wellness platform, PUML Better Health, the job-listing platform, Moonlighting, and the AI service, Innoplexus.

An executive of the firm noted that the urgency brought about by COVID-19 makes it essential to empower and support the application of blockchain technology to offer solutions.

Some of the latest initiatives in response to the novel virus have revealed the merits of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

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Source: Cryptopress.

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