Blockchain Careers Every Fintech Scholar Should Consider

Cryptocurrencies are among the newest blockchain innovations revolutionizing the fintech industry. First implemented in 2009 through Bitcoin, cryptos have experienced an explosion in usage. New cryptocurrencies are always being released to solve blockchain technology issues, a natural evolution in itself. According to CoinMarketCap, there are more than 7700 different cryptocurrencies in circulation.

This high and ever-growing number of coins provides a variety of career opportunities that should be on the radar of fintech scholars. This article gives insight into what careers are the best fit for the blockchain world and why fintech scholars should pursue them.

The Best Blockchain Careers

While there are many careers associated with blockchain, there are a few that stand out. These include:

Blockchain Development

A blockchain developer is tasked with coming up with the blockchain protocol and its security features. The development of smart contracts and web software and applications also fall under this career.

A highly ranked position with a lot of attention to detail, blockchain development is among the most marketable jobs available. The career is experiencing a surge in interest across many sectors as more and more businesses adopt blockchain technology. The most demand is in finance, thanks to the ever-increasing release of new coins.

Blockchain User Interface Design

Incorporating blockchain systems to businesses doesn’t end at the development stage; a good user interface is equally important. A blockchain user interface designer tries to make the blockchain more user friendly. A very artistic approach is required, together with an in-depth knowledge of what navigation systems adhere more to users. Before starting with the blockchain software and heading all the way to the crypto wallets and exchange platforms, the user interface is an integral and extremely marketable career.

Blockchain Project Management

As with every other project, the implementation of blockchain technology in fintech requires a project manager. They are the first point of contact for a firm wishing to adopt blockchain technology. Not only does the manager need to be able to match the work with the required skill set, but they also need to possess a good knowledge of the blockchain technology itself. Understanding how a cryptocurrency is expected to leverage a new blockchain protocol goes a long way in enabling the proper delegation of the required duties. 

The manager also needs to convert the firm’s instructions into the developer’s language and convert the developers’ solution to the firm’s normal language of instruction. Intricately tied with the above-mentioned careers, its demand is equally as vibrant.

Blockchain Solution Architecture

Fundamentally, the blockchain solution architect serves as the link to the respective blockchain specialty roles by providing a road map on what to follow. An architect coordinates with the developers, interface designers, and other team players to utilize multi-asset theories.

In turn, they create storage solutions, blockchain framework architectures, and performance indicators to evaluate drafted solutions. An architect is also required to incorporate business standpoints when developing the system. While the architect works under the project manager, they act as supervisors to developers, researchers, and interface designers. Combining their roles, they attract a good salary, thus making it a lucrative career.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

As the key quality regulator in the blockchain space, the quality engineer must test the automation frameworks, the dashboard, and manual testing of all other features. To better effect this, a third eye perspective with keen attention to detail is important.

They draft and implement automation strategies regarding load performance tests and set the quality assurance test standards on blockchain tools. Knowledge in engineering management is a plus in this field.

Reasons For Choosing a Blockchain Career

The fintech world is rapidly diversifying with opportunities all around. A fintech scholar may be wondering why they should lean towards a blockchain career. The reasons are diverse, the key ones being;

Lower Competition

Being a relatively new evolution, not many are well versed in blockchain technology. The technology itself appears quite complex to many. This provides for a less competitive job market for anyone who gets into a blockchain-related field.

Better Pay

As a result of high demand and lower competition, the demand tends to outstrip supply. Professionals in this field, therefore, tend to enjoy good salaries. Blockchain career salaries range from $120,000 up to $175,000 per year, great figures for most people.

High Absorption Rate

A host of companies are adopting blockchain technology and creating new coins. Blockchain professionals thus get to enjoy great job absorption rates in the industry.

Good Career Mobility

A key consideration for many workers is career mobility. Availability of advanced opportunities in the workplace and how fast these occur always ring on workers’ minds. Blockchain associated jobs have very little competition. Since there are few professionals in that field, one’s career may as well start at the very top with exclusive employee benefits.

Industrial Breakthrough Setting

The blockchain industry is young and still progressing, something that can’t be stressed enough. Often, the blockchain technology piece a professional is working on is usually a pioneer in that specific field. Every new cryptocurrency tries to spearhead a new invention and set the pace for its launch. Such a work environment makes the job experience exciting and encourages innovation.


As a new industry, blockchain technology is ripe with opportunities. Innovations are coming up regularly to incorporate it with the financial world better and, thus, the global economy. As the absorption and usage of cryptocurrencies pick up, demand for specialized professionals in the blockchain field is expected to keep soaring.

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The supply of these blockchain specialists is quite limited. This issue is exacerbated by the perception of many people who view blockchain technology as a complex phenomenon. With the high demand and high salaries, fintech scholars stand to benefit from adopting blockchain-related careers.

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