update 18 August 2021

Blockchain Training Program Starts in India

The ministry of power in India is offering blockchain training across various cities in the country, with its government’s permission. People will learn about blockchain technology, its applications, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and mining.

The ministry arranged a program known as Blockchain Technology, which will hold at various NPTI locations. Three of the training will happen in January, February, and March in Nangal, New Delhi, and Shivpuri. The NPTI is in charge of the program, and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy is the sponsor.

The NPTI is India’s body overseeing training and human resources development. Currently, the body has nine locations in India, and it is planning to establish and start operations in two additional areas. NPTI planned workshops on the blockchain program three months ago. The highlights of blockchain and cryptocurrency designed programs are available on AICTE’s website.

There is also a learning platform called Swayam, established by India’s government, providing courses related to crypto and blockchain technology. One such course commenced in February.

More on the Blockchain Training Courses

People can register for the program for free, and only a maximum of fifty get allowed in each course. The program is for postgraduate students, faculty members, and Ph.D. researchers of educational institutions affiliated with AICTE. The program will hold for five days, and it involves 14 sessions, a lab, hands-on experiments, and open discussion.

The government-appointed Subhash Chandra Garg to head the ministry of power. Nevertheless, Garg’s inter-ministerial committee, the prime minister of the country, reshuffled his cabinet, following a draft bill to prohibit cryptocurrencies. Recently, Garg resigned from the ministry of power.

Perks of Bitcoin’s Training Program

The rampant recognition of digital currencies brings about the basics of blockchain, and it is a public ledger for sharing information in a trustworthy and secure manner. Additionally, blockchain is an emerging technology appropriate to share data within a broad network of untrusted participants.

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Blockchain technology makes it possible to keep risk records, known as blocks continually, and links them in a distributed manner, with utmost security.