Brave Takes Major Step To Launching Google Search Alternative With Latest Acquisition

Privacy browser Brave has announced the acquisition of “Tailcoat,” an open-source search engine. This is part of its plan to introduce an alternative to the popular search engine, Google Search, in 2021. 

Major development 

Brave revealed the acquisition Wednesday via a press release on multiple platforms. According to the report, Tailcoat will serve as the foundation base for the upcoming Search engine.  

Brave Search is a privacy-based search engine that seeks to provide a viable alternative to Google Search. At the moment, Google Search dominates 92% of the global market share, and it intends to break the monopoly. 

 Brave Search is also expected to be open source and will enable developers to modify certain aspects of its search mechanisms. The brave browser currently uses different external search engines, including Google Search, DuckDuckGo, and Startpage. These search engines typically rely on Big Tech firm’s results, and it intends to decentralize the process. 

The recently acquired Tailcoat search engine is built on an independent index and does not save users’ IP addresses or personal data. This ensures that searches are based on offering the best results without compromising users’ privacy. 

Brave CEO Brendan Eich revealed that the firm intends to introduce its Search by 2021. “It is now working on integrating this technology and making it available to all as it’s Search. First via early access for testers, and then for general availability by this summer,” he said. 

Brave A growing ecosystem 

Brave continues to make rapid gains in the internet browser industry with its innovative ideas. The privacy browser recently revealed that its active user base had more than doubled from 11 million to 26 million users. 

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It also announced an updated roadmap for its native token Basic Attention Token (BAT). The new roadmap showed that the company plans to explore Basic Attention Token (BAT) for search engines. Brave is also working on integrating NFT functionality within its platform and adding a DEX aggregator.

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