Brendan Blumer, Block.one Co-Founder, against the New EOS Worker Proposal System

Recently, the EOS nation and Attic club block producers proposed a Worker Proposal System (WPS) for the EOS delegated Proof-of-Stake blockchain. The scheme would enable individuals to suggest how the EOS blockchain opt to operate. 

To send a proposal, a user must transfer a non-refundable amount of 100 EOS to support the WPS mechanism’s operations. The user has to make 50000 EOS available for 60 days, and currently, the smart contract for this proposal is ready for testing. Eventually, all block producers will then vote on the proposals, and any suggestion that fails to score over 20 points within 30 days, expires, and when a proposal gets submitted, it is not subject to change.

Brendan Blumer on the Worker Proposal System

The co-founder of Block.One, Brendan Blumer, appreciates the brain behind the Work Proposal System; however, he has concerns against the initiative. Blumer is worried about the effect WPS has on the network.

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Additionally, Blumer believes that the return of value of the EOS token’s initial holder is questionable. He claims socially authorising the block producers to direct token-holder funds into projects without a clear or measurable return of value is risky. Blumer believes that the initiative may lead to corruption and external scrutiny.

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