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Proof of ownership, NFTs, NFT marketing, and decentralized longevity are no longer just mere words. They carry a substantial impact on the crypto landscape. These words have the power to shape the digital media’s future. It would be fair to state that NFT news continues to be exciting. Not to mention crypto news and trends are also endless. This heightened sense of curiosity and interest will garner more attraction in the market and make NFTs mainstream on a global stage.

There’s no other technology that can touch on human experience with utmost authenticity in the video. Video continues to inspire more innovation and revolutionize communication. Video has become the answer to recording history, telling stories, experimenting with VR, and live streaming sessions. Through a decentralized network, video format opens up endless possibilities.

Importance of Video NFTs for Video Creators

In a short time, NFTs have managed to reshape digital imagery. Tech experts and video curators believe that the value of video paired with NFT makes it a perfect combination. Like GIFs and JPEGs, video NFTs can be incredibly artful collectibles.

Ever since NFTs came into the spotlight, a digital artist like Beeple has managed to make $69 million for just a JPEG image. So the idea of getting creative rights over a TikTok meme is an exciting thought. But whether it’s minting of YouTube recorded videos or creating immutable video records of news organizations, NFTs offers a path to empowerment.

Source: a 3D video render

What Exactly Is a Video NFT?

A video NFT refers to a linked non-fungible token to a specified video frame. Furthermore, a video NFT reflects ownership for any asset that falls under the umbrella of digital media. Like other NFTs, non-fungible represents a set of unique traits that separates each collectible from others. A video NFT is essentially a crypto token with the digital signature of an individual file on a decentralized blockchain platform like Ethereum.

It is vital to understand that video NFT works as a non-fungible token just like an ERC-721. It means video creators can use this technology to showcase a portion of record media on the decentralized blockchain. From video clips to animated GIFs, owners can leverage NFT to sell the used collectible for payment.

Mechanics of Video NFT

Technically, a video NFT functions as a non-fungible token and represents different types of digital media assets. No one can duplicate or change these assets as long as they’re on the blockchain. Blockchain technology is the main reason that makes video content unique.

Through blockchain, you can trade the video files between multiple people and without added complexity. On the surface, video NFT may sound complicated, but its function and process are pretty straightforward. Moreover, the video creator can upload the video file to a YouTube channel or other platform for sharing purposes.

NFT comes into the picture when video creators need unique identifiers for each token or coin. Any video NFT that records and store digital video files categorizes as a non-fungible token. As a result, owners can use NFT video on decentralized platforms to prove ownership, just like physical properties.

What Does it Take to Sell Video NFT?

Like tweets and contracts, owners can sell their video NFTs like a video clip, image, 3D model, or animation. Typically, supported digital files revolve around PNG, JPEG, SVG, WEBM, MP3, Mp4, OGG, WAV, and GLB. Also, you can choose from a variety of platforms to sell your video NFT files. Opt for attractive NFT marketplaces that can support a wide range of file formats with bigger file sizes.

So, if you have a precious moment on video, you can now sell it and make money. For instance, NBA managed to sell LeBron James’ top shot dunk video for around $387,000. Hundreds of examples like this prove a high demand for NFT videos, and the market is ready to make decent cash for video owners. Whether you want to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Encoder, creating a video NFT for video creators is straightforward.

How Much Can it Cost to Mint a Video NFT?

On average, you can mint your first video NFT from $100 to $200. But you will need to cover the cost of Ethereum gas to mine your video NFT on the decentralized blockchain. You can check prices on various Ethereum sites and make a comparative analysis. Many sites help NFT owners save a lot of money that makes it easier to mint over time.

There is More Than One Reason to Tokenize Video as an NFT

On top of money-making possibilities for video creators, NFT also brings more perks than traditional video distribution and storage solutions.


Anything you record on the decentralized blockchain becomes immutable. It means no one can alter, fake, or change the records.


Tokenization occurs through smart contracts on a decentralized blockchain platform. And whether it’s video clips, motion designs, or animations, artists can store and sell NFTs quickly without having to depend on a middle man.


Another reason and perk to opt for video NFT is transparency and security. Video creators can track their NFT origin, transaction history, issuance date and cut out potential fraud from the system.

Sum Up

Today, video creators are selling NFTs that continue to increase their adoption rate. You can expect to see more video artists competing to make their videos online. More and more video artists have started to realize that they should tokenize their videos.

Video NFT is an innovative and new way to make the most out of video marketing. Through video NFTs, brands can target people with minimal effort and save high advertising costs. Also, it looks like the potential of video NFT is brighter than ever.

Cryptocurrency technology can now certify the items of the original owner on a dedicated and decentralized blockchain. In retrospect, you can expect to see more video curators reap the many benefits of the NFT world. And, they can do so by minting and selling their favorite artwork.

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