Canadian Politician Says That He Supports Bitcoin Days Ahead of Federal Elections

The leader of the People’s party of Canada, Maxime Bernier, took to Twitter to announce that he is a prominent Bitcoin enthusiast. He posted this ‘secret’ just one week before the federal elections.

Bernier revealed his secret after many Canadians reached out to know if he supports Bitcoin and blockchain technology. He said that he fully supports Bitcoin.

Bernier has condemned Canada’s current monetary system and the inflation of its currency. On September 15, he stood up to prime minister Justin Trudeau for insensible printing of money to fund his deficits. As an alternative, Bitcoin’s supply is capped at 21 million units ensuring that inflation is not an issue that could haunt it later. 

Maxime’s Stand on The Influence of Crypto

His political party aims to bring together conservatism, libertarianism, and populism. It also wants to reduce the size of the government significantly as per its website. Even if his party does not have representatives in the parliament, recent popularity polls show that he could still manage to get about 6.1% of the votes.

Maxime said that he hates Central banks’ tendencies to interfere with the monetary system in his post. He stated that he loves gold and silver more, but cryptos are superior alternatives to precious stones. 

His post garnered over 10k likes. Also, some of his followers asked him to take his support to a new level. Stephen Livera, the managing director at SwanBitcoin, replied to Maxime that bitcoin is superior to gold and silver. He also added that it is the only chance that Canada has.

Is Bitcoin Gaining Any Political Popularity?

While the Bitcoin prices have been fluctuating wildly, the political adoption of cryptos has also gone global. In June 2021, El Salvador astonished everyone by adopting Bitcoin as legal tender. They started an era that will remain in the history of the world. The country even offered free Bitcoin to every citizen as a starter pack in the new life that just began.

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Ukraine also passed a bill to declare the legalization and support of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets some days ago. The Ukrainian government plans to create a body to regulate crypto assets by issuing permits to blockchain technology companies. These two countries act as pacesetters for the era of crypto adoption in the world.

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