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Canadian Trucker Convoy Raises $450,000+ Using Bitcoin, Bypassing GoFundMe Restrictions

Tallycoin – a crowdfunding platform built on top of Bitcoin – has amassed over $450k in BTC in support of “Bitcoin For Truckers”. The fundraiser supports the Canadian “Freedom Convoy” that’s been protesting against covid restrictions on Parliament Hill for over a week. 

The event highlights Bitcoin as a censorship-resistant alternative to GoFundMe, which is reversing $10M in user donations to the same movement. 

Bitcoiners Unite With Truckers

According to Tallycoin, Bitcoin for Truckers has just passed its fundraising goal of 10 BTC, now possessing 1,025,676,858 satoshis. With Bitcoin’s recent surge near $44k USD, that’s $451,114.64 at the time of writing. 

Indeed, many of the funds were provided by whale donations of 1 or 2 BTC. However, the fundraiser has still included over 4120 small contributions of 10 to 100 dollars at a time. Many contain comments from patrons showing both their love of Bitcoin and hate for government coercion. 

“Keep fighting the good fight,” said Even Bertrand, a contributor of 90,647 satoshis just hours ago. “Take some time to learn about the freedom that Bitcoin can bring to all people of the world.”

The Freedom Convoy is a protest response to Covid-19 vaccination requirements placed on Canadian truckers re-entering Canada. Hundreds of truckers have filled the streets of Ottawa surrounding Canada’s parliament, collectively honking their horns in protest.

The movement has since evolved into a protest against all covid related restrictions and vaccine requirements, spreading to other Canadian cities and garnering international attention. It’s been ongoing for 11 days, thanks to regular funding, food, and fuel delivery from the movement’s supporters. 

So far, the convoy’s efforts have seen some success. The premier of Saskatchewan in Canada has agreed to lift covid restrictions in the province, with Alberta soon to follow.

Bitcoin Bypasses Censorship

Nevertheless, the Ottawa police and government have been steadily suffocating support from the protest to bring it to an end. Among other efforts, the local authorities collaborated with GoFundMe to block $10 million in donations to the convoy organizers. This raised concerns among Bitcoin and convoy supporters online, with some labeling the move, “fascist”.

Naturally, Bitcoiners interpreted the event as an advertisement for what makes their blockchain network so special. As a global, neutral, peer-to-peer network, Bitcoin is immune to financial censorship by third-party intermediaries. 

Honkhonk Hodl – the account behind Bitcoin for Truckers – outlined this special property in the fundraiser:

“Legacy financial infrastructure can sometimes be politicized and clamped down upon, whereas Bitcoin is a truly censorship resistant method of communicating value,” he said.

Crypto has been similarly used to bypass the financial censorship of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. A DAO in his name recently raised well over $40 million to fight his legal battle.

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The funds collected by Bitcoin for Truckers are being sent to a 3/5 multi-sig wallet, controlled by popular Bitcoiners supporting the movement. These include Canadian Maximalist Greg Foss, Youtuber BTC Sessions, author Jeff Booth,  Nobody Caribou, and Bull Bitcoin exchange CEO Francis Pouliot.  Nobody Caribou is serving as a liaison for dispersing funds, in close contact with the truckers on the ground.

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