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Canadian Trucker Gets $8000 in BTC During Livestreamed Protest

  • A live recording of the ongoing protest against Canadian Corona protocols caught a Canadian trucker benefiting from a crypto fundraiser. 
  • Donors are turning to non-custodian crypto exchanges to fund the ongoing trucker protests.  

Amidst the recent events in Canada, a moment of joy prevailed when a Canadian trucker received $8000 in Bitcoin out of the +$900,000 raised for the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign. A witness revealed how the incident unfolded play-by-play.

According to Tim Pastoor, the trucker received an envelope while sitting on the recipient’s truck and conversing about the protest. The contents of the envelope included instructions related to transferring the Bitcoin to a personal wallet address.

The trucker was one of many others to receive support from the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign donations.

Protesters Urged to Avoid Centralized Wallets

On Monday, the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau enacted the Emergency act in response to the recent protests against the Canadian government (never once invoked since its inception in 1988). The move should cut off funding for the protest and freeze wallets of financially supporting demonstrators. This also comes after Gofundme blocked the distribution of $10 million initially raised for the protest.

To this effect, exchanges advised benefactors to keep their assets off any centralized institutions to be on the safe side.

CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell, warned that the recent evolving policies in Canada make their funds vulnerable to freezing per police orders, without the usual permission from the judiciary. He encouraged truckers to choose the alternative of withdrawing via decentralized crypto exchanges or peer-to-peer. This way, the government cannot oversee their transactions.

Samourai, a decentralized crypto wallet, echoed the same warning. The platform took to Twitter to explain the risk of using centralized channels to cash the funds. According to Samourai, the nature of the funds imply a Mareva Injunction, whose violation is declared an act of crime.

Buterin Warns Against Using Banks to Fight Protests

At the same time, the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, raised awareness of the potential problems Canada’s current approach to combating the Freedom Convoy 2022 may cause.

During a chat with CoinDesk, he highlighted that the present efforts to cut off the supply of funds from donors to truckers is precisely one of the reasons cryptocurrency was created.

He protested against the government’s abusive use of power to subdue the protests by bypassing protocols. These actions would sever cash flow to truck drivers was impossible with crypto. This is especially considering the fact that crypto should operate independently of financial institutions. The Ethereum co-founder, however, stressed the importance of decentralized exchanges.

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The advice becomes even more relevant following the Canadian police’s move to freeze 34 digital wallets connected to the protest days ago.

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