Cardano is Including Backfilling and Documentation in its Developmental Efforts

People continue to debate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. A few days ago, Weiss Crypto Ratings noted that Cardano is still among the leading coins when it comes to technology and adoption.

This is expected because Cardano has attained several milestones within its domain in the first quarter and people expect more in the coming months. Part of the expectation is the most-awaited Shelley-migration.

IOHK CEO and Co-founder, Charles Hoskinson featured in a livestream, noting that part of the efforts of Cardano team is complete reconstruction of the Cardano.org website. He stated IOHK’s construction of more than 176 pages of documentation for the benchmarking frameworks.

Hoskinson said that they are doing the best to release Shelley. The team believes the need to document any code and architecture that is involved. The team is doing its best to push the developers and technical writers to ensure that the documentation is correct, relevant, updated, and comprehensible, he noted.

In the past, Hoskinson said this is likely to be rolled out in May or June, while they will improve the things related to brand in the months that follow. The company had been doing its best to improve Cardano’s brand recognition and to enhance the adoption of its native cryptocurrency ADA.

The company is focusing on five eras for the Cardano project and all of them dwell on a set of functionalities which the domain is aiming to offer across multiple code releases.

In recent times, it was rated an A on the rating system of FCAS. Some developments and upgrades are coming up on the Cardano system in the coming days. The team’s activity on Github shows that they are doing their best. Between March and April, the team’s average daily development activity on Github was ranked the highest, based on the chart by Crypto Differ.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock. Source: Cryptopress.

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