Cardano vs. Wikipedia: Hoskinson Calls Out Jimmy Wales for Censorship

The war between Cardano and Wikipedia just got really interesting. In a video statement on Twitter, Charles Hoskinson, the man behind Cardano, has called out Jimmy Wales (Founder of Wikipedia) for censorship. Charles Hoskinson is the CEO of IOHK, the technology company behind Cardano blockchain. The tussle between Wikipedia and Cardano has been going on for a long time as the latter still doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia.

In his latest video statement, Charles questions the credibility of Wikipedia while accusing it of censorship. Charles hits straight at the centralized encyclopedia founder for refusing to list the Cardano Project for “lack of scientific references.” Charles also accuses Jimmy of lying on Twitter and talks about the accomplishments of the Cardano Project. He also questions why Cardano doesn’t have a page on Wikipedia, whereas similar cryptocurrency projects such as Ethereum, Tron, EOS, etc. are already listed on the encyclopedia. He specifically mentions the trouble with Wikipedia’s English language editors as the project always have pages in other languages, except for English.

Wikipedia vs. Bitcoin in 2010

However, this is not new for Wikipedia as it has always been skeptical of cryptocurrency projects and even showed bias against them. The centralized encyclopedia behaved similarly for Bitcoin and removed the listing entry several times. Satoshi Nakamoto also showed his frustration against Wikipedia back in 2010. But the irony is – After all these years, Wikipedia now accepts donations in Bitcoins as well.

Anger from Cardano Community

Following the video statement by Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano community is also taking a strong stand against Wikipedia. Several members have been calling out on social media platforms to stop donating to Wikimedia Foundation. One of the community members has also listed a petition on Change.org. The petition says, “Cardano is a decentralized financial operating system that will bring independence and equality to all and should be detailed as such on Wikipedia.”

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Only time will tell if Wikipedia will list an English language page for Cardano Project or not. Whereas, in the meantime, you can read more about Cardano on Everipedia – a blockchain-based decentralized encyclopedia.

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