Cardano’s IOHK to Usher in a New Plutus DappStore Network

A blogpost report shows that Cardano sets to launch the Plutus Dapp Store through IOHK. The storefront is going to host every decentralized application running on Cardano’s blockchain network. Plutus dAppStore could go live in the upcoming Cardano Summit, which starts on September 25, 2021.

Improving dApp Interactions with Plutus Dapp Store

Cardano is making major changes to its ecosystem, most of which aim at boosting the platform’s functionalities. Such upgrades include the Plutus dAppStore, which projects to address two main concerns. The first issue is that users lack a unified view of applications operating in the network.

Secondly, the dAppStore hopes to design an official discovery procedure. In most cases, users get information about specific decentralized applications through social media. Thus, without the proper marketing techniques, the application might remain unknown to users.

The Plutus dAppStore will solve such issues by bringing all the Cardano-based protocols in one place. As such, developers can establish their projects on the storefront without fear of censorship. In turn, users get access to the published application on Cardano.

The Certification Program

Cardano’s chief head of products, Shruti Appiah, explains that the storefront will work democratically. The statement means that users can have access to certified and uncertified applications.

However, despite supporting the Cardano-based protocols, users still need assurance that the applications’ services are genuine. Once users find their preferable dApp, the certification process comes in to display the protocol’s behaviour.

The program accomplishes its idea using several measures such as manual smart contract auditing and automated logic checks. What’s more, certification can assist in fighting various errors found within an application’s code.

A formal verification of a dApp also ensures that the smart contracts are performing according to their requirements. Manual smart contract auditing gives Cardano’s IOHK a description of an application’s ethics.

Finally, automated logic checks evaluate whether a platform’s code has any negative intentions for users. For instance, a few dApps may launch on Cardano without any fund recovery process. Cardano’s blockchain may be secure, but it doesn’t make its network immune from cyber attacks. Hence, automated logic checks can ensure users receive their funds in case an attack happens on the application.

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