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Cartesi launches a community-driven program funding developers to help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem

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Cartesi (an application-specific rollup execution layer with a Linux runtime) has launched its Community Grants Program for developers looking for support to get their ideas off the ground, and for Web3 enthusiasts interested in helping shape Cartesi’s developing ecosystem. A community-driven program to fund a broad network of contributors, its goal is to help build and expand the Cartesi ecosystem. Reflecting a broader movement towards Cartesi’s decentralization, the Community Grants Program is a step forward in providing increased community involvement in the grants selection process.

For developers who have an incredible idea, but need some extra help to get it off the ground, Cartesi’s Community Grants Program is not only about financial support. By harnessing the power of the Cartesi community, developers are also provided with invaluable technical and strategic advice to ensure the success of projects growing within the Cartesi ecosystem.

With the Community Grants Program, developers can easily refine their proposal for funding their project with community feedback, strengthening its feasibility and potency.

In addition to developers submitting their ideas, the Cartesi Foundation will periodically publish Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for projects that the Foundation believes are of particular relevance and impact to the ecosystem.

The launch of the Cartesi Community Grants Program also ushers in a new governance function for Cartesi’s token, CTSI.  The Cartesi Foundation’s decentralized ecosystem will use CTSI as a way for community members to signal approval or disapproval of grants that are proposed.

With the Community Grants Program, the Cartesi community can influence what is being funded and built on Cartesi tech. It also allows the community to more easily connect with the builders in the Cartesi ecosystem, potentially even independently collaborating with any of the projects being built and funded.

About Cartesi

Cartesi Rollups is an application-specific execution layer that elevates simple smart contracts to decentralized Linux runtimes. It allows developers to launch highly scalable rollup chains, and code decentralized logic with their favorite languages and software components.

  • Every DApp has its own high-performing rollup chain;
  • No cannibalization of resources from other DApps in Cartesi’s ecosystem;
  • No network gentrification;
  • Enable an entirely new class of DApps that currently cannot run on EVM chains;
  • Preserve the strong security guarantees of the underlying blockchain
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