Catalonia Could Soon Have Its Own Metaverse, Says Minister

During the European Blockchain Convention in Barcelona yesterday, the Innovation minister for Catalonia suggested that Catalonia could soon launch its own metaverse. This is amidst a gradual digital revolution going on in the autonomous community. 

At the event, the Catalonian director-general of innovation Daniel Macro disclosed some strategies the government is exploring to ensure Catalonia becomes a digital powerhouse.

He mentioned that one of the benefits of the COVID19 pandemic over the past two years was digitalizing the economy. The extended lockdown period helped fast-track some aspects of digital innovation, according to Macro.

“An important feature for economic development,” he said about the growing digital sphere. Moreover, Macro referred to Europe as a continent that has digitized its power engagement with many other technology prospects.

As the director of the SmartCatalonia Government Strategy for 9 years, Macro continues to direct the enterprise to make the state a “Smart Country”. Indeed, Macro stresses that the state’s current developments are more focused on dominating the global stage. As a result, getting into the world of metaverse early on appears quite logical.

Notably, the minister expressed his enthusiasm regarding the potential of the metaverse industry. Macro believes blockchain tech and the metaverse could materialize his vision of a digital economy fully connected with humans.

Introducing the Cataverse

According to the innovation minister, Catalonia’s official metaverse is under development. The virtual universe, dubbed the Cataverse, will emphasize the Catalan language and Catalan culture. These factors will be the main constituents driving what would be the first nation-owned virtual property. The aim, Macro added again, is to bring the spotlight on Catalan culture: 

We want the Catalan entities doing things for the culture to do something similar in the metaverse.”

The Catalonian Innovation minister further stated procedures the government is taking to make the community a significant figure in the digital space. Countries like Malta have managed to build impressive tech reputations despite their modest size. Indeed, Macro noted that imitating this will require talents, policies and the right education. Moreover, he added that Catalonia’s current administration has established several policies and undergraduate workshops to train such talent among young individuals.

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These new policies, Macro explained, would help encourage digital growth. Finally, Macro recognized the impact of foreign investors. The minister enthused that the government was working hard to merge the ideas of sourcing talents and attracting more businesses within a tech-friendly atmosphere.

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