CAWS – The Cats and Watches Society NFT Collection by Dypius

Dypius has created an interesting concept for all cat and watch lovers – The Cats and Watches Society (CAWS) NFT collection. The team leverages Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent cats with luxurious watches. 

This new virtual society allows users to adopt their unique cats, play with their traits, and collect rewards. This review will explain how this NFT society works by examining its characteristics and benefits.

The Launch of a New NFT Society

The Dypius team created the “Cats and Watches Society” (CAWS). This is a society of randomly-generated Cat NFTs with over 235 different traits. In addition, each one of these cats features its luxury watch, giving you access to the members-only Society Benefits Zone.

Through the adoption process, you can become part of this exclusive group and have your cat always around. And, with your membership in the CAWS staking pool, you can earn ETH rewards for participating in this society.

These NFTs live on the Ethereum blockchain, hosted on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS). This choice enables Dypius to provide secure data storage and transfer, keeping all the cats safe and monitored.

CAWS Features

Dypius designed these NFTs to be an entire society of cats with luxurious watches. Each cat has unique attributes, ranging from eye color to the type of watch they wear. 

No two cats are alike. Each is different, so no one should feel like their cat is any less special.

The society also offers a wide range of rewards for its members. Staking rewards, for instance, are available for members who mint and own cats. This reward pool comes from the proceeds of each sale, and part of the profits will go to stakers proportionately. This makes it possible for users to increase their rewards by staking more cats.

Moreover, a play-to-earn concept allows users to earn rewards from various activities, such as breeding cats or participating in contests.

Benefits of Adopting a CAWS NFT

Before investing in a new NFT collection, you should always ask yourself, “What do I get in return?”

Adopting a CAWS NFT will bring you several benefits. For instance, when we look at the project’s roadmap, we see that this team has already completed a 10 ETH giveaway. This was a great way to reward early adopters and promote this project.

All NFT holders initially received 10% of the minting fees. This strategy aims to attract more users and increase interest in this project.

Lastly, the team has already organized a giveaway event where the community received 5 Rolex watches worth $150k.

The team mentioned in its roadmap the intention to launch merchandise related to the CAWS universe. Moreover, token holders can mint an additional watch NFT for free. 

As the project evolves, holders of CAWS will benefit from more features. In addition, Dypius’ social media platform will provide additional incentives and rewards. 

NFT Staking

With the rise of NFT technology, the staking concept has invaded the world of digital asset collecting. By staking an NFT, you can earn rewards for keeping it on the Ethereum blockchain.

The benefits continue, however. With this system, you can add a layer of security to your collection by locking NFTs in a staking pool. This prevents anyone from trading your NFTs and ensures that only you can access them.

Dypius promises, through the CAWS NFTs, continuous rewards for staking your assets. As many crypto investors look for ways to collect passive income, this choice may appeal to many.

Playing Around with Traits

As mentioned earlier, over 235 traits are available with the CAWS NFTs. In addition, as a member of this exclusive society, you will receive randomly generated NFTs from its advanced smart contracts.

Keep in mind that there is a close link between trait combinations and scarcity. This means it is possible to find rare NFTs with unique combinations of traits. The rarity level among the 10,000 CAWS NFTs will vary, creating a unique hierarchy.  

Why does this matter? In short, scarcity (or “rarity”) in the NFT world is a synonym for value. The more exclusive your cat is, the higher its worth will be. From this point of view, the world of NFT does not differ from the art sector.

Play to Earn NFT Concept

With the comeback that 2D games are making, the concept of Play to Earn NFTs is also becoming more popular. This asset rewards users for playing games or participating in contests with their tokenized items.

Regarding CAWS NFTs, Dypius launched a 2D card game called “CAWS Adventures.” This game puts players’ NFTs against each other in a match of wits, with exclusive rewards available for the winners. 

This feature would be an ideal blend between gaming and collecting. Not only are you having fun playing the game, but you can also increase your


Dypius’ combination of NFTs and Staking may appeal to many crypto enthusiasts in the current market. With its Play to Earn concept, users can combine their love for gaming with their passion for collecting digital assets.

The CAWS project is growing, so NFT enthusiasts should stay tuned for more updates. The team behind the project is pushing their idea forward, and future releases will bring additional features and rewards.

These NFTs are already integrated into their metaverse game World of Dypians, allowing holders to enhance their digital presence and explore new experiences.

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The CAWS online page is available, as is the collection on OpenSea. Dypius’ social media pages are also active, so that you may follow them there for more information about the project.

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