CFD Trading: What Is It and Its Use in Cryptocurrency

The key to making big with cryptos lies in trading them, with a $2T value in market cap value being in the hands of people worldwide. However, the terminologies that come up during trade can be a nightmare for neophyte traders.

One such example is Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading. It is beautiful to all types of crypto traders thanks to the lucrative profitable opportunities it has on offer. However, the ability to make impressive gains lies in the trader’s familiarity with the fundamental concepts behind CFD. Read on to get the knowledge and skill to make the right trade decisions.

A Brief Description of CFD

First things first, what is/are CFDs? They are financial or trading contracts in which a trader earns the difference in settlement prices between the opening and closing of trades. If the closing price moves as predicted, that is a profit gain, while a different price implies a loss.

What a trader does is trade in the movements of a crypto price rather than the crypto itself. There is, therefore, no delivery of cryptos from one party to the other in CFD trades. However, it is somewhat similar to regular betting since one is betting on price movements. Traders and investors use CFDs to make a price bet on whether a crypto’s price will rise or fall.

How it Works

For CFDs, traders get to bet on both sides of the price movement spectrum, either upward or downward price movements. Thus, a trader may either be a buyer or a seller of a CFD.

When traders expect a crypto price to rise, they’ll buy a CFD, becoming a buyer. On the other hand, when they desire a price drop, they will sell the crypto’s opening position, becoming the CFD seller.

How it Treats Profits and Losses

Now onto the money-making bit of CFDs Considering a position where the trader expects price gains hence bought a CFD. If the crypto’s price experiences an upward movement, the buyer will offer to sell their holdings. The difference between the price they are selling and when they bought the CFD will represent the gain on making a sale. If prices went the opposite way, it would mean a loss.

Now for the seller’s option. Assuming a trader predicts a drop in crypto prices, they will make an opening sell position. Then, if they want to repeat it, they must purchase a trade that offsets their sell position. The difference between the price they buy and the one they made a sale with represents the gain or loss.

Instances Where CFD’s is Most Useful

While CFDs are usable in many instances, some cases work best due to reduced exposure to volatility. Futures Contracts/Trades are one such conducive avenue for CDFs.

Since futures have a standardized agreement with obligations to buy or sell at specific prices, and dates, they make price betting easier. For one to take a futures contract, one has to analyze potential price movements before committing carefully. However, any CFD trader should bet upon a future contract. That’s because good research on potential movements is already available.

Pros of CFDs

There are several advantageous factors to be expected with CFDs. To begin with, a trader gets to enjoy all the benefits associated with owning crypto investments without having to hold them. They also don’t have to trade in the crypto itself.

CFDs are tradeable on margin. It means that a trader gets to increase gains by leveraging on investors’ cryptos substantially. It acts as a form of borrowings trading, where a broker to a CFD trader will only require the crypto trader to maintain a certain account balance.

Unlike most trading options, CFD trades allow long and short sales, typically having no short-selling rules. Short selling implies that one gains when the crypto price drops, while long selling is when the prices rise.

The leveraged margin benefits from CFD trading are also among the highest of any trading for cryptos and stocks alike. They can reach a margin as high as 20%, an excellent incentive to any investor out there.

Cons of CFD Trading

CFD trades have their dark side. Therefore, all prospective traders need to familiarize themselves with these potential pitfalls.

Firstly, CFD trading is a form of margin trading. As such, a trader that incurs a considerable loss suffers the possibility of receiving a margin call from their broker. This means that a trader may have to deposit more cryptos to their account. This is in addition to the entry figure they placed initially to cover the loss. So while substantial gains are possible, they are significant losses.

In the CFD world, the higher the volatility, the higher the initial amount an investor must pay as their initial spread sum to make an entry. The highly volatile nature of cryptos requires one to produce a more extensive spread on their entries. Such high sums reduce the ability for one to profit from small moves in CFDs. Such a situation exposes one to the possibility of making losses since prices are volatile.

The CFD industry is also largely unregulated. The credibility of a broker is therefore dependent on their financial muscle and reputation. CFD is, for instance, banned in the US due to the same reason, exposing one’s risk to scandalous activities

Take Away

The CFD trading form is an increasingly lucrative means of trading cryptos that crypto investors should know of. It offers the bold a chance to make substantial gains without buying or selling any cryptos.

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Anyone who tries it has to be careful. The possibility of incurring substantial losses is high, creating an issue where one has to make extra deposits for settlement. To better utilize its services, investors need to do a careful and comprehensive analysis of price movements. Better yet, contacting or following price analysts for better judgment of price movements is advisable.

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