ChainColosseum Review – An Altruistic Approach to P2E Gaming

ChainColosseum is a play-to-earn game with a rare, if not unique, approach to blockchain-based gaming. 

Firstly, the game proposes a dual-token system that gives its players both earnings and governance powers. Secondly, it enables gamers to build their own boss characters that give creators rewards when winning battles. So far, the game has certain similarities with other GameFi applications. However, it has one standout characteristic – it is not a money-driven game.

The team behind ChainColosseum does not get any tokens for free. On the contrary, the developers bought back their tokens. Also, the game does not have a sales/marketing wallet devouring buy/sell fees like most blockchain-based applications. Instead, the project aims to develop transparently and with open transaction accountability.

In this ChainColosseum review, we look closer at one of the latest P2E games to surface in the market. Read on to discover its features, tokenomics, and roadmap!

What is ChainColosseum?

ChainColosseum – Battle of Chaos is a blockchain-based game that engages players in battles, quests, and raids in a mystical universe. This community-driven project incorporates several DeFi elements, including NFTs, and employs the play-to-earn model. In other words, gamers may earn tokens, which they can later exchange.

ChainColosseum aims to steer away from the money-driven approach of many recent GameFi projects. For instance, many developers keep a share of a game’s native token for themselves. When the interest in that game surges, they sell their tokens. While they run off with the money, the token’s price plummets. As a result, the game and its community collapse irremediably.

The ChainColosseum developers aim to raise funds through presale. However, they will only allocate 30% of the funds they raise to marketing and development. Next, they place 50% of the raised funds into initial liquidity. Lastly, they use the remaining 20% to buy tokens just like everyone else after the initial token listing.

Additionally, the team comes with a long list of proposals depicting their vision of the game:

Firstly, the developers do not seek excessive profits or extra benefits. Also, they will not purchase any tokens for free. 

Instead, they will earn a small profit for development and other labor costs necessary to keep the project going.

After the initial listing, the team will have no way of selling their tokens. So, the management team’s risk of a token dump is zero.

ChainColosseum will use an NFT Gacha, which represents the profit for the management team in some games. However, this game’s developers will employ a different approach. Simply put, they will burn 100% of the $COLOS from NFT Gacha sales.

ChainColosseum Features

Gamers will find in ChainColosseum several options available in other blockchain-based games. However, they will also encounter new and promising features, which are a rare find. Here are the most important ones:

A Dual Token System

ChainColosseum has two tokens, $COLOS, and $SKILL. Together, they constitute the game’s economy. While some beginners may confuse them, the two tokens have very different features.

$COLOS is a governance token. Also, players can use it to create characters and accessories. Lastly, this token will not be available for sale.

$SKILL is a token that players can use to level up their characters. The team will put up for sale 990,000 tokens, where 1 SKILL = 1 USD. Players can exchange their $SKILL for $COLOS tokens after 25 days of holding them. Alternatively, they can exchange them before this period. However, they will have to pay a 50% penalty.

Boss Creation

Users are free to create their own ChainColosseum bosses with their please characteristics. These characters can later fight other players and earn rewards for their creators when they win.

LP for Queuing Up

ChainColosseum requires that players take a break between fights. However, if users choose to provide liquidity, they can earn $COLOS and move up the queue. This way, they can engage in battles twice as fast.

Character Level Ups

Users can earn $SKILL from battles. Next, they can use these tokens to level up their characters. Additionally, they can boost their heroes’ features simply by holding $SKILL.

A 3-Round Battle System

Players can use one stamina point to fight three times. The first two rounds of a battle can earn them $SKILL. Most importantly, the third round can earn them the precious $COLOS tokens.

ChainColosseum Tokenomics

The game features two tokens, $COLOS, and $SKILL, with different uses and tokenomics. Here are their most important details!


  • Name: ChainColosseum Token
  • Symbol: COLOS
  • Decimals: 18
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: ∞
  • Type: Governance token in ChainColosseum
  • Allocation: 100% to the initial liquidity of the AMM
  • Smart Contract Address: 0x0318c252e0A310B94D1ab5B70D81E56bBD24F479
  • Not available for sale.
  • Users can only get $COLOS by converting $SKILL or ApeSwap.
  • Players can use it throughout the game for character recruitment, weapon Gacha, and liquidity staking.
  • You can only get $COLOS by either converting $SKILL or ApeSwap.


  • Name: ChainColosseum Skill Token
  • Symbol: SKILL
  • Decimals: 18
  • Network: Binance Smart Chain
  • Total Supply: ∞
  • Mechanism: Everything will reach the BURN address.
  • Smart contract Address: 0xb19EaAF723dDd54871A6100FC9eB759237A4C1d3
  • Users can only redeem $SKILL by converting it to $COLOS within the game.
  • Players can use $SKILL to strengthen their characters or simply hold the token.
  • The game offers only two ways to earn $SKILL: from playing or converting from $COLOS.


ChainColosseum is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, the team has already ticked several boxes in its extensive roadmap. For instance, they have already created a website, held a presale event, and obtained a listing on ApeSwap. Most importantly, the project has received a successful audit from the industry-leading auditor, Solidproof.

At the time of writing, ChainColosseum had listings on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko.

Soon, the team should launch new game modes, including PvP, boss events, and guilds. They should follow up with strategic partnerships with various DEXs. Lastly, ChainColosseum should become available on mobile devices and benefit from multi-chain implementation.

Final Thoughts

ChainColosseum is an ambitious gaming project that seeks to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, most GameFi developers have a money-driven approach, which can have dire consequences for the industry, players, and creations.

Chain Colosseum live price
Chain Colosseum
price change

On the other hand, Chain Colosseum seeks to develop an open, transparent game with zero risks of token dumping. Gamers everywhere can play it without fearing a “rug pull.” This game could be a refreshing presence in the emerging P2E sector from this standpoint.

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