Chainlink to Stick With Ethereum PoS Post-Merge

Early this morning, blockchain protocol Chainlink shared a release outlining its plans following Ethereum’s merge upgrade. The platform revealed that it will cease to support the forked versions of the Ethereum chain.

Chainlink Stands With the Ethereum Foundation

Over the past few weeks, the Ethereum blockchain has been getting ready for its long-awaited shift to the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. The network’s core devs have dubbed it the merge and set a tentative launch date in the middle of September. Ahead of this, several crypto platforms, such as Chainlink have also begun taking steps to prepare. 

The Chainlink protocol intends to continue activity on Ethereum both before and after the upgrade. However, an official release informed users the platform will not support forked versions of Ethereum, including POW forks following the Merge.  According to the team, this is in line with the decision of the Ethereum Foundation and the network’s general community. 

Fixing Bugs Ahead of the Merge

Chainlink addressed Ethereum devs and dApp teams who are still working on their post-merge migration plans. The release suggested that they prepare appropriately in case of possible bugs.

dApps operating on forked versions of Ethereum, including PoW forks, might behave in unexpected ways due to both protocol and application-level issues, introducing increased risk for users.”

By putting smart contract operations on hold, they could ensure end users remain secure, Chainlink noted. The protocol also encouraged developers to ensure any external services they employ will operate as normal pre and post-upgrade. In its release, Chainlink-related plans to continue to do the same.

The platform is keeping tabs on all merge-related developments to ensure its offerings remain completely reliable.

Calls for a Proof-of-Work Hard Fork

As one of the biggest platforms on the crypto scene, Ethereum’s merge update is crucial to several industry players. At the start of this year, the network hosted a total of 1.45 million smart contracts. These protocols will all feel the impact of the Ethereum mainnet merging with the Beacon chain.

Thus, the forthcoming Merge has attracted a lot of attention. A lot of key industry participants like Chainlink have shown support for Ethereum’s next steps. However, there have been detractors in the months since news of the merge began making rounds. Miners especially are preparing to transition to Ethereum Classic.

Asides from losing miners, there is also the possibility that a new Ethereum might be more susceptible to security breaches. As a result, there are still detractors pushing against the merge while advocating for a fork to maintain the POW mechanism post-merge. 

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Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin seems largely unbothered by those opposing the merge. According to him, those involved are “a couple of outsiders that basically have exchanges, and most just want to make a quick buck.”

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