Coinbase Card Now Directly Linkable with Google Pay to Spend Crypto

An announcement on March 17th stated that Coinbase card users can now add it directly to their Google Pay wallets. The exchange’s card is a Visa debit card funded with crypto, enabling users to spend directly from their Coinbase accounts.

Google Pay gives the exchange’s card customers a fast, secure way to buy items using their smartphones. Additionally, the Google Pay app enables Android users to purchase things using their crypto balance in the safest way possible. Coinbase claims to be the first company to allow users to make mobile payments with their crypto balance, after the launch of Google Pay.

More About Coinbase Card Payments

The card payments using Google Pay are available in 14 countries in Europe. These countries include Poland, Croatia, Finland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Slovakia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. Coinbase claims that it is planning to expand the new option to other European countries later this year.

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Coinbase launched this Visa debit card in April 2019, in the United Kingdom, hoping that the card will enable it to achieve its mission of making using and spending crypto easier. The card currently supports ten coins, including BTC and ETH.

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