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Coinbase Super Bowl Ad Crashes Site

Coinbase Super Bowl ad got a lot of attention, so much so that it crashed their site.

The crypto exchange created an unconventional ad for the Super Bowl time slot when viewership is at an all-time high.

Their ad, however, featured just a logo that bounced across a black screen. In the nearly 60 seconds the ad lasted, the logo changed to a QR code.

The ad, which cost an estimated $14 million, did not explain the QR code.

Naturally, this made people curious. So curious that the number of visitors from the ad crashed the app.

The QR code was supposed to send people an offer of $15 worth of Bitcoin to sign up with Coinbase. Moreover, new users can enter a $3 million giveaway.

The promotion is limited to Feb 15. However, since the app was down, users could not take advantage of it.

The amount of traffic also crashed Coinbase’s website. However, both the app and the website were back and running on Monday.

Coinbase addressed the crash with a meme, saying they did not expect it to be as popular.

Still, despite the technical hiccups, the ad seemed to succeed Coinbase. Coinbase’s app went from 186th to 2nd place on the App store after the ad.

Poking Fun At Coinbase

The technical difficulties made some people poke fun at Coinbase.

One of them is whistleblower Edward Snowden. He said that Coinbase could have prepared better.

Meta also jumped in with their QR code, which sends users to the company’s Foo Fighters-led VR afterparty.

They tweeted, “hopefully, this doesn’t break,” which is a jab at Coinbase app crash.

Crypto targets Superbowl

Super Bowl is a significant event for brands. This year, crypto brands will dominate.

Crypto.com, EToro, and FTX all have slots for significant sporting events.

So far, FTX probably took the cake with an ad featuring comedian Larry David.


The ad takes a form of a skit in which the comedian ridicules new technology in different periods of history – from the wheel to crypto.

The next big thing is here, even if Larry can’t see it. Don’t miss out.

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Traditional companies also jumped in, promoting their NFTs. For example, bud Light mentioned NFTs in their commercial.

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